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  • Lorraine Wakefield
    2005, a turning point for Lorraine when her then 4 year old grand daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour.
    Georgia, now 6 is progressing though unable to walk, loves spending time with her Nana Lorraine and Lorraine loves to be there for her.  Lorraine is still entertainment officer for the Adelaide Country Music Club, still finds time to go to Festivals and be part of the Country Music scene, starting out in 1952 so Lorraine has been involved for 55 years.
    In July last year she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and after several months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, with help of all her
    country music friends she has carried the club and was able to perform her singing and yodelling at Barmera 2007 Festival.
    At the age of 73 and a positive attitude, Lorraine intends to be around for a long time.
    We say she probably will be the last South Australia's Pioneer of Country Music, at least the last female one.
    Lorraine has another grand daughter, Isabella, a sister to Georgia,  her son Brentyn and wife Grace.
    Lorraine's daughter Sherrilyn, who is in Sydney, has had a successful career in musical theatre and teaching dance.  She has a 19 year old son
    Zane, who over the years, spent time living with Lorraine while his mother was on tour.
    So you see Lorraine's life has been busy but she has time for country music, her phone never stops ringing and she's always willing to
    talk country music. Many artists, especially young ones, always want to chat to her and Lorraine is always ready to help.



    Courtesy of Robert Sexton
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