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Tamworth Hats Off Country Music Festival 2006
Col Finley and Luella
Tamworth Services Club
By Anna Rose, Tamworth – for and on behalf of Helen’s Ragepage!!!
Col Finley was at the Tamworth Services Club on Saturday night and he was in fine form. I was fortunate enough to be there for Col's "table dancing act", and he invited guest artist Luella (Blue Heelers) to join him - which she did with gusto. Obviously Luella is no stranger to table dancing either. The patrons loved it. Col always gives great value when he performs his energetic show.
Table dancers: What a show ! Col Finley and Luella - getting right among their audience in an energetic show at Tamworth Services Club for Hats Off to Country.
Luella and Col Finley
Mark Henry from Tamworth caught up with Luella's manager, Peter Lee at the show on Saturday night.
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