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Mark Kirk
The sad passing of Mark Kirk
We'll miss you mate!
Tribute to Mark - Penny Lawfod
To whom it may concern,
Mark was a terrific brother & friend, he always had lots of fun that goes without saying. His wife Catherine & children Alicia , Megan & grandson Alexander. His niece felicity , nephew & Godson Nicholas, as well as myself. We spent lots of time together lately & I will always cherish that time. He will be missed greatly by all. As he strums those clouds, with many other stars.
Rest my friend. XXXX

Mark Kirk's funeral was at St.Monicas church, 1 Bourke St. Richmond. Followed by a wake at Royal Exchange Hotel 203 George St Windsor
It's with profound sadness that we have to inform you that our good friend Mark Kirk passed away on Monday night after a heart attack. I know that many of you have heard but many may not have. Mark was a great friend to so many of us. He was a great friend and musician.

Mark was a guitar-slinging and songwriting part of Tall Timbre. He and Ted Simpson (vocalist/songwriter) started Tall Timbre as a duo. They moved on to a trio (usually with Jake Lardot or Phil Knight - and I was the third from time to time after that. They eventually went to a full country band. Mark and Ted gave me my first regular bass playing gig and which I did with them for over two years. I eventually went back to acoustic guitar when good mate Steve Shepherd joined as the regular bass player.

I first met Mark through our mutual friend Rod Impell must've been about 2002...he and I hit it off immediately and he had a "second" musical job as lead guitarist in my band...Bayou Boogie Boys. Our last gig was Saturday night 1 March at the Gladstone Hotel.

Anyway...I'll have to tell more later. I just want you to know the funeral details, etc so that you can join with us in remembering Mark and celebrating his life...

The funeral will be at St Monica's 1 Bourke Street, Richmond at 10.30 for a 11am start. Following that will be a get together for all his friends, family, musicians for everyone who wants to remember at the Royal Exchange Hotel at 203 George Street in Windsor from 1pm till late, late...

If you're out of town and you have a Tall Timbre album, put on a song and have a cold one with us...or ring up your local country program and ask them to play "Murrumbidgee Rolling" on NFS 119. That's Tall Timbre's most recent single.
Like I said....I'll write more later but there's some photos of Mark at www.myspace.com/talltimbre  - I've got heaps of his photos at www.myspace.com/bryenwillemsmusic .
Take care.
Bryen Willems
Dear All,
It is with immense sadness that we inform you of the death of Mark Kirk.
Some of you may be aware that Mark had already survived a heart attack. Unfortunately he suffered another one at home last night and couldn't be revived. We are all shocked and saddened by this terrible news and we send our love out to Kath, Mark's family and the Tall Timbre brotherhood.
Mark was a great guy, kind, gentle, funny, a wonderful friend and fellow musician. We have so many wonderful memories of him going back many, many years: partying, jamming, sharing the stage and the music, watching him play (usually with eyes closed as he "entered the zone") and just hanging out. It's very hard to believe that he has gone. He will always be remembered and our memories of all our times together treasured forever.
I would like to share one recent memory and I'm sure you'll all have many of your own. Only a couple of weeks ago we met up with Mark at a Red Volkert gig. Our 20 year old son came with us. I reintroduced him to Mark and drifted off, leaving him in safe company chatting with the big boy. Every now and then I'd glance across the room, only to see them laughing and chatting like two old friends (or two big kids). Mark Kirk was like that! He was comfortable chatting with anyone, easy to talk to, never boring, warm and kind, with a great sense of humour and a huge love of music. He was one of the good guys.
Brother, we'll miss you!
Suzy O.
It's with great sorrow that I have the sad duty to inform you that my GOOD MATE AND FELLOW MUSO MARK KIRK has died of a heart attack. Mark passed away last night and will be missed us all !! As soon as I have details of the funeral I'll let everyone know.

On a personal level. I will cherish the times spent playing in bands with Mark or sitting around having a drink and swapping stories!! As muso's we don't always get enough time to catch up as we tend to work at the same times a lot. But if we get to catch up playing a gig together or at a jam.
Then the fun of playing a song together and giving it your all is something all muso's would understand!! Mark always gave it his all, as that's the only way he wanted to play his music!!! I know he's up there jamming with Les Scott and all the other muso's!! I bet his getting into trouble for being to loud!!! But that's MARK !!! I'LL MISS YOU MATE!!!!!!
Regards David Hibbert.
Last night Monday 3rd March Sydney's country music scene lost, to a heart attack, one of it's great characters- Mark Kirk- guitarist & songwriter with (amongst others) Tall Timbre.
Our thoughts go out to Mark's wife & family as well as his musical partner Ted Simpson- he was only a young fella (not unlike myself!) and clearly still had a great deal more to offer- he had a certain way with his chosen combo of Tomkins telecaster & Matchless amp. Ironically, a few months ago Mark came over to my place to discuss the Dead Setter's guitar position vacated by Glenn Skarratt- ultimately we went with Damien Odell on pedal steel- also a member of Tall Timbre along with our fiddle player John Lee- so you can imagine that today we are all one unhappy family here in the local country musicians community.

...& Mark'll be out there pickin' on a cloud someplace & they'll still be telling him to turn down. Rock on brother
Mark Lucas
Tall Timbre Big Band
Mark Kirk- guitarist/songwriter.
Jake Lardot- guitarist/backing vocals( Jake is also Lee Kernaghan and Melinda
Schneider's guitarist)
John Lee-fiddle/backing vocals.
Bryen Willems-bass/backing vocals (Bryen is also Ronnie Rae Rivers bass
Terry Philpot-drums.

Tall Timbre played with band members from True Grit at The Locomotive Hotel
Mark and Nicki Gillis
Bryen Willems, and Mark Kirk 2003 Tamworth Festival

Print out and have the memories