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Photos Mark Lucas and the Dead Setters 2006 Tamworth Festival
We’re creeping closer to the release of the new record folks- it’s finally in production and the first single goes out on NFS 117, next month.
You can expect a swag of new material featuring various Dead Setters & some very talented friends (including James Gillard, Michel Rose, Robbie Souter & Gary Brown) along with a bunch of new songs and favourites from The Parwills & Mark’s first two solo albums, recorded live in the studio with the Dead Setters. Once again Glenn Skarratt co-produces with Mark- a fitting end to a very productive decade or so.

Upcoming live dates:
Sat Sept 8 8pm Mittagong RSL Country Stampede
Thurs 13 Sept 8pm Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL (Hank Williams Birthday Bash)
Sun Oct 14 4pm Bald Rock Hotel, Balmain (w/- Cletis Carr)
In the meantime take care out there, don’t let APEC get you down- hope to see some of you on the streets of Sydney on Saturday 8th Sept.
Thought for the day: “The problems we face will not be solved by the minds that created them”. – Albert Einstein.
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Mark Lucas & the Dead Setters:
Thurs 2nd Aug Bridge Hotel 8 till late Jamm 4 Genes Fundraiser
Sun 5th Aug Bald Rock Hotel, Balmain 7pm Jamm 4 Genes Fundraiser
Sat 8th Sept Mittagong RSL 8 til 12 Country Festival
16th - 18th Nov Music at the Creek Festival Braidwood, NSW
Greetings people!
It’s been a while but we’ve finally finished our new album- should be with you in a matter of weeks now- here’s a preview of our tasteful cover art.

Sadly Dead Setter gigs in Sydney are increasingly rare these days, especially since the old watering hole, The Bald Faced Stag went for covers bands and now most of the country/roots venues have gone the same way but, fear not, a night of good music in aid of a great cause approaches this Thursday night 2nd August at the Bridge Hotel as we are appearing in full band mode with the Okapi Guitars (great African guitar band) opening proceedings. There are rumours of other guest artists but you’ll have to check with the Jamm 4 Genes web site for details. Some of you will remember last year’s extravaganza at the Orange Grove- we’ll see if we can’t raise some more dosh for the kids.

While we’re on the subject of causes, we’ve taken the liberty of including a plea to join us in making a commitment to combat climate change (we feel bad about hi-jacking a music email list for non-music activities but it’s not strictly politics so hope you’ll forgive us).

Mark Lucas is also involved in the Inner West GetUp group- if anyone is interested in joining local grassroots efforts to take action in the home- sign on for green power & maybe participate in a green power audit get in touch with Mark direct at mark@songsmith.com.au 
A couple of gigs almost within walking distance of home for Mark this month,,,the Royal on Norton Street seems to be shaping up to be a great mid-week breather- we are filling in for Rob Luckey this week but understand there are more bands coming through, including the authentically down-home honky tonk of Bryen Willems promoting his new disc and also Jeremy Edwards & the Dust Radio Band- for our money the discovery of Tamworth 2007- great to hear another artist out there with some outstanding original material and intelligent arrangements to boot- do yourself a favour and check ‘em out.

In other news, Mark just picked up an Honour Award in the Great American Song Contest – still waiting on the results of the International Songwriting Contest in which he is a finalist in the Americana category.

The Dead Setters have a new album in the works- a combination of revisited requests from out-of-print cds and album out-takes from “Ghost” & “White Man Soul”. as well as some brand new material. Watch this space.
Support original Australian roots music- your stories, your culture.
Hi folks,
A rare solo outing for Mark at his local, the Royal Hotel, Norton Street, Leichhardt- a few of you have been catching Rob Luckey’s Thursday night residency there & it’s not a bad little watering hole.
Watch out for the first Dead Setters gig since Tamworth coming up at the Bald Faced Stag, Saturday March 3rd, with special guest Bruce Reid (Catholics etc) on steel.
Greetings all
And a Happy New Year to those we haven’t reached in person.
2007 has got off to a cracking start in the Dead Setters camp with a very successful string of dates at Maguire’s during the Tamworth Fest as well as various other appearances around the town. As a largely non-touring act we really look forward to these festival events as they give the band a chance to really get our teeth into the material and stretch a little. Sadly these were Glenn’s last dates with the Dead Setters, at least for the foreseeable future, as he is moving on to embrace new challenges. After working with him for nearly 14 years from the early Parwills days and through 4 albums, he will leave a sizeable gap and will be a hard act to follow, however we are pleased to say that we are making progress with this and have Bruce Reid (guitar/lap steel- The Catholics) with us at the next Stag date.

We are well into pre-production for the new album and have paired 25 songs down to 16 at last count- looking forward to getting the project in the can by mid-year. Watch this space. We are also looking at having a live recording available shortly.

In other news Mark has been selected as a finalist in the 2006 International Songwriting Competition, in the er…Americana category (the same award that our good mate Karl Broadie took out the previous year… you see there was a Scotsman & an Englishman and they both migrated to Australia to become Americana artists…all we need now are the Irish & Welsh contingent!). Many of you will know that Mark tends to be a little cynical about these things (given the highly subjective nature of judging and so on), but Australian country music being obsessed with talent quests and awards and with the lovely Bec Urquhart, who looks after our publicity etc, being wiser in these things, persuading him to be in it to win it- he gave it a go and here we are- actually he’s pretty chuffed so there you go.

You can vote in the ‘Peoples Voice’ category at http://www.songwritingcompetition.com/pvwelcome2006.htm

The song is “For Everything Else I Got You” (from the White man Soul cd), which he wrote for his lovely wife Suzy, so that’s pretty cool too (& he didn’t really write to get out of strife either- truth).
Current confirmed dates are:
Royal Hotel, Leichhardt Sun Feb 25th 5 -5.45pm (Mark solo)
Bald Faced Stag Hotel, Leichhardt Sat Mar 3rd 9.30 to 1.30am
Bald Faced Stag Hotel, Leichhardt Sat Apr 7th 9.30 to 1.30am
Bald Faced Stag Hotel, Leichhardt Sat May 12th 9.30 to 1.30am
Bald Faced Stag Hotel, Leichhardt Sat June 23rd 9.30 to 1.30am
See you ‘round the traps.
Your pal
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Subject: Mark Lucas & the Dead Setters last gig for 2006
Date: Friday, 1 December 2006 10:20 AM

Alrighty. we know it's really too early for Xmas wishes (unless you're a
national retail chain or the like), but Seasons Greetings from us anyway -
'tis the season to spend, spend, spend.. may we suggest some great local
original roots music- there's plenty to be had out there; even our good
mate, Rob Luckey has finally recorded a couple more of his fine original
tunes on his latest- support your local artists. Mark Lucas & the Dead
Setters material is available through www.marklucas.com.au
< http://www.marklucas.com.au/ > , Safesell (downloads including out-of-print
back catalogue), I-Tunes and cd baby as well as traditional high street
stores- (end of commercial message).

The Stag gig on Sat 9th December will be our last for 2006- you'll find us
at our home-away-from-home in Tamworth come mid-Jan, Joe Maguire's Pub,
doing the breakfast shift- perfect for us er...clean-living family types.
We're sorry to say that these will be Glenn Skarratt's last gigs with the
Dead Setters- after more than 10 years and four albums with Mark he's moving
on to new musical pastures and we wish him all the best wherever fortune
(and great picking) may take him. Meanwhile the Dead Setters start work on a
new album in February.
See you somewhere between here & there.
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Howdy groovers
After a short but merry stint at the opposite end of Balmain Road we return
to the Parramatta Road end and the hallowed halls of Sydney's (arguably)
oldest pub. The new carpet is very sophisticated looking with it's 'fleur de
lis' pattern 'n'all and the general improvements are fab but.one of our
local mates tells us that the new owners are planning to replace the live
music with pokies!!! Sacre bleu, mes amis!! We thought this trend was
actually reversing but maybe these guys are a bit behind the times, (well it
is Sydney's (arguably) oldest pub. anyway we hope that this is just a
scurrilous rumour and that such socially unhealthy and culturally unsound
practices are not even being considered, 'cos we like the Stag and the fact
that it continues to support both of the modern world's most misunderstood
musical genres (apart from from Death Metal, my son informs me)- Country &
On this occasion I believe we have special guests- our old friend Bryen
Willems who has just finished his marvy debut album with Gary Brown (Murray
Hillbillies) knob-twiddling as well as members of country rock sensations
Tall Timbre - should be a hoot.
Hope to see you there.
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We’ve just returned from a great time in Gympie folks, playing 3 well-received shows; and we’re back home with renewed enthusiasm and a new album to get started on.

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Mark Lucas and the Dead Setters at Maguires – one of the top gigs of the festival.

“…one of the best shows was also at Maguires, where Mark Lucas the Dead Setters played their own brand of inner city honky tonk. Mark is one of Australia's premier songwriters and his inner-western sensibilities add a clever and sophisticated edge to the music.”

-Ken Date krdcountry.com

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Mark Lucas
We have a busy year ahead with Mark's solo acoustic album (featuring Glenn, Mark Oats and Michael Vidale) due for release shortly and a badhats album in pre-production as well as various members off overseas to show off new babies and celebrate significant milestones & maybe play some gigs etc.
Slim Buckle
Mark Lucas from Bob Howe
With over 20 years experience playing in and fronting bands- from the
late'70's London pub scene, to a diverse range of bands in Sydney from the
mid '80's, Mark's musical journey has taken him from early country
influences, through blues, folk rock,'80's pop and back to a unique blend of
Indeed his bands have spawned some notable careers...Jodi Phillis (Clouds,
Dearhunters) was a creative partner in the mid '80's, and also familiar may
be Matt Handley (Pollyanna) whose first post High School gig was as drummer
with a later line-up.

More recently, Mark will be familiar to many as the leader of local urban &
western exponents, The Parwills, whose critically acclaimed 1996 album
"Bootheels of Desire" declared "alt country" alive and well Downunder. Debut
solo release "Jukebox Jury" was released in late 1999 and, featuring the
undoubted talents and energies of the likes of Andrew Claremont (fiddle),
Michel Rose (steel guitar), Jim Conway (harp), and Larry Muhoberac (piano),
positively bristles with drive.

2001's 'The Ghost of Lost Creek Road', further cements his growing
reputation as one of Australia's more individual songwriting talents. This
release sees him truly step out into his own. Melding a rich but natural mix
of folk, country and blues roots with a sharp pop sensibility honed by more
than a decade's experience on the local live circuit, Mark spins us stories
of ordinary people and the world we inhabit expressed with a realism
tempered by a dry wit.

Available now:
“The Ghost of Lost Creek Road”
songsmith management presents:

Mark Oats, Mark Lucas & Glenn Skarratt
the badhats
       Available now:
       “The Ghost of Lost Creek Road”  


Mark Lucas

The Parwills were my last band and since we broke up I haven't done many gigs..   However, I have released two well-received solo albums (through Laughing Outlaw, the same label that my mate Kim Cheshire’s last album was released on), and am now just starting back into the live scene with a new band, the badhats featuring Glenn Skarratt on mandolin & guitar, Mark Oats on fiddle.


Mark Oats                                            Glen Skarratt              

I'll send gig info as it comes to hand.. I do more solo and trio work than the band at present.

Available now:
“The Ghost of Lost Creek Road”

Mark Lucus
CD out now
Laughing Outlaw Records  Lorcd- 028 through Didgeridoo 
"This guy was born to write songs that you'd want to hear on your car stereo as you hit the road...." -    Brent McKean, Revolver
"A genuine talent for compelling narrative, some truly exceptional brushes with lyrical genius - the urban country experience has
     never sounded so appealing"     -    MW, Americana UK

Print out and have the memories