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Melissa Bajric
Melissa Bajric Launches New Website with Access for Online Product Sales

Melissa Bajric launched her new website last week.
The new site www.melissabajric.com  includes Melissa’s diary, discography, media and reviews plus her biography and latest photos with online access to purchase merchandise and CD albums.

‘As far as I know this is one of the first sites to offer a complete purchase directly from DMC and the recording artist’s page’ Melissa said with some excitement as she spoke about the options for anyone who wants to purchase online.

‘Customers can still shop from the artist’s page but this new option offers unique access to track by track sample and purchase.’

The DMC concept and access is now interlinked on Melissa’s site making it so easy to make a purchase.

Simply log on to Melissa’s site at www.melissabajric.com  / go to Discography / click on DMC Digital Music Centre logo and you have direct access to track by track sample and purchase.

‘It’s such an easy way to access product for anyone shopping and offers a completely new option for artists through the distributor’ Melissa added.

Digital Music Centre www.digitalmusiccentre.com.au  has an extensive list of artist product and merchandise. It’s an Australian based online distribution company promoting a number of Australian recording artists.
Melissa Bajric Wins Children’s Song of the Year TSA Awards 2007

Petite country singer Melissa Bajric is the proud winner of TSA’s Children’s Song of the Year for 2007.

Melissa was presented with the TSA trophy by multi-awarding winning singer/songwriter Allan Caswell when she won the Children’s Song of the Year category at the Songwriters’ Salute Awards of Australia last month in Tamworth.

Caswell representing the Australian Children’s Music Foundation spoke about the foundation and its creative and meaningful work as he presented the trophy to Melissa.

‘The Little Girl In Me’ by Melissa Bajric shared the finalist nomination with five times award winning Blue Mountains’ songwriter/guitarist Nigel Foote and his ‘Sleeping Like An Angel’. The song is a reflection of Melissa's own life and aspirations as she grew up.

‘This is a song that I wrote to remind myself and others to take a step back when things become too complicated and to never forget to take time out to value the simple things in life’ said Melissa.

‘The Little Girl In Me’ is available on Melissa’s latest album released last year ‘Small Town Girl’ which has five original songs including the TSA award winning track; or download from Melissa’s website www.melissabajric.com ; digital download at www.digitalmusiccentre.com.au ; or Kay Waddington at LBS Music 07 5562 1292 or lbs@lbsmusic.com.au 

Sponsor: Children’s Song of the Year
Australian Children’s Music Foundation www.acmf.com.au 

For more information:
Melissa Bajric 0421344971
Rhonda Sinclair 0438902413
Photo Courtesy: June Underwood
 Hunter Valley’s Small Town Girl
Melissa Bajric was raised in a small village near the vineyard regions of the Hunter Valley in NSW.

Her first album ‘Believe In Me’ released in August 2001 was a dream come true. It first earned three awards Best New Talent, Junior Career and Paul McLeod Encouragement Award in the 2001 Australian Independent Country Artists Awards in Sydney later that year and picked up the 2002 Australian Independent Country Artist's ‘Spirit of Tamworth’ project - Luke Newland Best New Country Talent Award the next year.

In August 2003 Melissa teamed with Bob Easter and Graham Rodger to release the popular duet album ‘Drovin’ All Over’. This album like ‘Believe In Me’ received instant radio airplay right across Australia.

Two years later she recorded at LBS studios in Tamworth. Produced by Lindsay Butler and released on the Drover Label Melissa’s second album ‘Small Town Girl’ with five of her own songs was launched during January’s 2006 Tamworth Festival.

‘Some of those I wrote very recently’ she said at the time.

‘Luckiest Girl’ was written after I had started recording. I had put down a few songs already and was taking a break and touring on the festival circuit.’ Melissa said.

‘You’d get home from one festival turn around twice and jump back in the car to get to the next festival’ she said. ‘I wrote Luckiest Girl between my house and the first service station.’

‘We live in a little town with a local pub, a corner shop and a service station. That’s it. There was a time when you could walk down the street and you would know everybody. That’s starting to change. There are a lot of new houses going up, new people moving in, new attitudes, more distance. I felt a bit like a stranger in my own town. I wanted to write a song to capture that small town attitude before it disappears so I wrote Small Town Girl.’

Now with two solo albums in hand and a major contribution in the duets album Melissa has cast her name as a stable part of the Australian Country Music industry.

Melissa puts her heart and soul into everything she does and her love of music and performing is hard to hide. She appears throughout the year at the monthly Hunter Valley concert shows at Hexham Bowling Club. More information in Wed Nov 1 news at http://www.countrymusicbulletin.com.au/

Pretty twenty-one year old MELISSA BAJRIC has been making her way in the Bush Ballad genre since her early teens. Unlike some young performers she isn’t confused musically she knows exactly what direction her music is taking her. I’m always going to stay true to the Bush Ballad style," she said adamantly. ‘But it’s also nice to explore the other sides of county music. I do try to stay as traditional as possible, but there’s more to traditional country music than just Bush Ballads.’
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