Tamworth Rage Page
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Produced by Rod McCormack
Engineered by Jeff McCormack
Glen Wilson - Drums
Michel Rose - Pedal Steel
Mick Albeck - Fiddle
Jeff McCormack - Bass
Rod McCormack - Guitar, Banjo, Dobro, Mandolin, Backing Vocals,
Mel is donating $5 from each CD sold at his shows, to the Leukaemia Foundation.
Co-written with Rod McCormack, Gina Jeffreys & Mel Sommers and sang by Adam Price
Sang by Adam Price written by Mel Sommers
Approximately $7000 was raised for Leukaemia through the hard work of Gina Jeffreys & Friends, Mel Sommers, Club MacQuarie and the generous Fans of Country Music. 
Salamander bay shopping centre KMart end. 1pm Friday the 6th June 2008 over the Blue Water festival Poer Stephens.
Country Music Club's Newsletters and Gigs
Newcastle Songwriters - Steel City Country Music Club - Fourth Tuesday of the month- Club Macquarie 7.30pm - ring Mel Sommers 02 4958 1995 or email emel@idle.com.au.   Mel Sommers is looking to hear from songwriters who are interested in attending future songwriters nights at club Macquarie. Any one interested can email Mel or contact him at his home number 49581995; so he can contact them when the next night is on.
Congratulations Mel!  winning an award from the Hunter Bush Poets
This is the poem that Mel got first place for (the original humorous performance
at The Hunter Bush Poets contest September 2006).
Big Bill from Narrabri by Mel Sommers
Blue had been out shearing, for six weeks on the run,
His wallet was full from his work; for at shearing he was a gun.
The next shed was some miles away, when a town came into view,
His thirst was much, for he’d had to abstain, him and all the crew.
The sun was slowly sinking when he came to Narrabri,
But not a soul he did see, where he did he cast his eye.
He walked into the local, and laid his swag upon the floor,
The only one on hand was the barman, who stood a good six foot four.
He said, “If you’d like to have a drink son, I suggest you drink it fast,
For big Bills on his way to town and this peace and quite wont last.”
With that he pulled Blue a beer, then locked all his bottle out of sight.
Then a look of fear came to his eyes, as his gaze shifted to the fading light.
Blue looked out upon the road, where the sky was filled with dust,
Then he heard a screaming sound and felt his ears about to bust.
When the dust had all settled, he couldn’t believe what he saw,
The biggest man he’d ever seen; dwarfed the barman’s six foot four
He had rode in on a bullock that was mean and snorting fire,
With a rope tied for a saddle, and a bridle of barbwire.
The big man walked into the bar, reached over, smashed the cabinet door,
Pulled a bottle from the shelf then drank until there was no more.
Blue froze at what he saw, stammered and said, “could I shout a round,”
The big man looked at him and said… “I’d like to mate but big Bills coming to town.”
Well, Blue has gone onto his shearing; his thirst would have to stay dry,
Cause he didn’t want to take a chance… and meet, Big Bill from Narrabri.
Mel Sommers (c)
Mel playing at the Newcastle Steel City Country Music Club
Mel's songs on Brian Letton CD
Brian Letton has two of Mel's songs on his latest CD, called "Today". First song is Roll with the Punches. This is receiving a fair bit of airplay, the second one is Waltzing with Matilda. Mel recorded this song under a different name.

"The Time of My Life"
Mel Sommers has written a book "The Time of My Life" $12, two of which goes to the Leukaemia foundation.   This is an autobiography of his early life.     Also his collection of Australian Verse. 
Phone 49581995

One of Mel's Poems

A Smokers Ode
I've got to have a cigarette, damm these new found laws,
No smoking here, no smoking there, it's chasing us out doors,
So what if I cough and wheeze when I walk a flight of stairs,
And my lungs may not be good as they were, but who cares.

My doctor says I should give 'em up, but I know he sneaks a pack,
And if it's good for him than it's good for me, could say it's tit for tat,
And when I rise each morning I cough until I'm black and blue,
Then I have a good old puff, draw back, ah if they only knew.
When it's all said and done, I think that I am fair,
I blow my smoke all around, for all of you to share,
And when my day comes around, and my life is in the past,
I'll be off to smoker's heaven, where my cigarettes will forever last.

But if by chance a no-smokers sign is along side St Peters chair,
I guess I'm bound for the other place, where no one gives a care,
But there'll be a joyous reunion with mates who's past before,
In a place filled with nicotine, who could ask for anything more.
Mel Sommers (c) from book "The Time of My Life"


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