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  Mike Denver

Ireland is a Land of Green Grass and Country music.
You see the grass everywhere and on most of the scores of radio stations you can hear the music 24 hours each day.

The Irish love their music and even though we label it ‘country’ seldom will you hear it referred to as such over there. Give them credit for allowing country to compete on the open market without placing it in the narrow corridor as we have down Down Under.

The Irish enjoy their country from around the world. You are likely to enjoy a blend of American, English and continental artists along side the Irish stars.

There are a host of ever popular faithfuls such as Daniel O’Donnell, Big Tom, Declan Nerney and others.

However there is one new star that no one can get enough of. He has the name of Denver and first name of Mike. This artists from County Galway on Ireland’s West Coast has performed his way into most homes in the 32 counties of The Emerald Isle.

He has 4 albums on release, the 4th now being sent to music stores for end of November pub sale.

I secured his first 3 albums and these are indeed treasures. His first release was a 12 track gem, featuring mostly covers of popular worldwide country hits and 2 Irish songs.

Mike has a voice difficult to describe. It has a lot of sensuous tones like a good wine has a pot pouri of flavours. As with Daniel O’Donnell his songs are carefully selected to achieve popularity status and the backing is strictly Irish. Listen to Mike Sing, “You’re My Best Friend” or “Hills of Donegal” and they sound as Irish as Paddy’s Pigs! Fact is that whatever he sings the appeal is there. His diction is superb and the music mix ensures he is out front for the duration of each number.

His 3rd album is what won him his status in Ireland. Each song could be a single success. Ireland has been dancing again thanks to Mike; his rendition of “Sylvia’s Mother” (Shel Silverstein) is 2 minutes and 59 seconds of dancing bliss.

Mike records at Airport Studios, Headford, Galway.

You can order his product from;
Visit Ireland at any time of the year and the entertainment is there in every town and village. The pubs are tiny and in most a crowd of 100 packs the place. Here and there you can locate quite large lounge establishments capable of seating 200/300, but these are rare. Expect to sit close enough to enjoy the smile in the face of Mike Denver or any of the 250 touring Irish artists. The major difference is that you will need to stay around until midnight for your evening’s entertainment to commence. The night is long one from there. The lights do not go out until close to 4am and sure by then it is about time for a breakfast.
Breakfast in Ireland is sumptuous, bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, black and white pudding…………..but that is another story!!
Print out and have the memories