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    Mistin Renee Summers - July & August Newsletter
    First, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who signed up for my newsletter over the past few months. I hope you enjoy the news and please forward it to anyone that you think might want to have a read.

    What’s Been Happening?
    Celebrating Independence Day with the American Ambassador:
    4th of July is America’s Independence Day; usually a reason for big celebrations and fireworks whilst in America. This July Canberra got it’s very own taste of the celebrations when the new American Ambassador hosted the celebrations. I was invited to sing both the American and Australian anthems during the official ceremony. I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I had to rehearse the American ‘Star Spangled Banner’ as it had been years since I last heard it! The celebrations also included Elvis impersonators, a fireworks show after sunset, and a chef and BBQ’d pork ribs where flown from Memphis to Canberra to give us a taste of a real southern BBQ!

    Rooty Hill RSL:
    I did my first ever show at Rooty Hill RSL this last August. Rooty Hill is the ‘Las Vegas’ of RSL clubs in Sydney. They don’t have anything like it in Canberra! I have now been booked for three consecutive shows at the club this year, which I’m very excited about. I’ve got a great band backing me which includes Terry Philpot from Eyeball Photography (Eyeball Photography does all of my promotional photos and created and maintains my webpage, www.mistin.net), Alan Tomkins (Alan custom makes the world famous Tomkins guitars, used by performers such as Gary Allan, Gretchen Wilson and don’t forget me!), Jack Pledge burns up the lead guitar fret board and Australian Industry newcomer (although no music newcomer), Mike Kirkley plays steel guitar. Come check us out if you’re in the area. We’ll be performing 2pm to 5pm on Sept 23rd, Oct 21st and Nov 23rd.

    What’s Coming Up?
    Shows to catch in September:
    September is going to be a fairly busy month for me with lots of duo, trio and band shows. I’m very excited about this, as I tend to do a lot of solo shows. It’s a great change to have a full band behind me. The show becomes much more dynamic and I’m forced to be on my toes. If you’d like to come out and see us in action I’ve listed some of the venues below:

    Sept 15 – Queanbeyan Leagues Club – 9:30pm to 12:30am
    Sept 23 – Rooty Hill RSL – 2:00pm to 5:00pm
    Sept 28 – Belconnen Labor Club – 10:00pm to 1:00am
    Sept 29 – Dapto Citizens Club – 6:30pm
    Sept 30 – Smithfield RSL – 3:30pm

    Hope to see you soon!
    It has been an exciting few months for local artist Mistin Renee Summers. Her mix of US and Australian influences were on show, as part of a recent trip to America.

    Renowned guitar maker Allan Tomkins invited Mistin to be a special guest at a series of Tomkins Showcases in Nashville. Already a proud owner of a Tomkins guitar, Mistin felt honoured to be able to promote Tomkins and perform as part of the CMA Festival in Nashville, the home of country music.
    Mistin performed alongside Allan Tomkins, as well as other rising Australian stars, Travis Collins (ABC Music), Rob Wilson, Travis List and Brianna Lee (2007 Telstra Road To Tamworth Songwriter winner) at venues such as the Sheraton Hotel and Fiddle and Steel bar.
    The experience has given her more verve to continue growing as an artist. And this can be seen, with her single DOWN THAT ROAD still in the Top 30 of the Top 100 Country Hits chart. This success follows DOWN THAT ROAD’S filmclip becoming a hit on the Country Music Channel.
    Her self-titled EP, is available via her website and at live shows.
    Mistin Renee Summers
    May & June Newsletter
    First, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who signed up for my newsletter over
    the past few months. I hope you enjoy the news and please forward it to anyone that you
    think might want to have a read.
    What’’s Been Happening?
    Down That Road in Top 30 for 10 weeks!
    “Mistin celebrates a huge success with her debut video clip ‘Down That Road’ charting
    on the Country Music Channels (CMC) Top 30 countdown for 10 weeks”. Thank you so
    much to everyone who requested the clip and helped it climb up the charts. It couldn’t
    have happened without you. It’s not the end though. ‘Down That Road’ will still play at
    medium rotation for about a year so keep the requests coming!
    Polo Anyone?
    Braidwood didn’t catch a wink of sleep on the 12th of May. That was because the
    Braidwood Polo Club were partying it up at their clubhouse. The music came courtesy of
    myself and guitarist Peter Murphy. Surprisingly the Braidwood polo players were one of
    the rowdiest crowds I’ve sang to in a while. I think everyone came dressed in his or her
    best and ready to have a good time. That makes a huge difference in the success of a
    night. I thought I would put in this little story to amuse anyone who’s ever been to
    Braidwood. !
    I don’t know where to start…how about the
    beginning: I have been wanting to go to Nashville
    for a long time. I think my family drove through the
    town once many, many moons ago when we lived
    in America.
    I was watching the Country Music Association (CMA) festival on
    TV last year (formerly know as Fan Fair) thinking, geez I would
    love to be there! Just a few weeks prior to this years festival Allan
    Tomkins, who made my Tomkins ‘Star Guitar’ invited me to be a
    special guest at a series of Tomkins Showcases he was running in
    Nashville during the festival. I finally had a legitimate reason to go
    to the home of country music for one of their largest festivals of
    the year.
    The next few weeks consisted of madly packing and planning for
    the trip. I wasn’t sure what to expect so of course I packed
    anything and everything I could think of, which resulted in a quick
    ditching of unnecessary items and repacking at the airport due to
    my overweigh bag. Who would have guessed? Ha-ha.
    My trip started with a quick visit to Arizona to see my family. I
    was able to spend time in Tucson, Phoenix, New River, I even
    made my way over to Texas for a few days. It had been two years
    since I last saw everyone so it was fun reunion. No sooner than I
    arrived I was on my way to Nashville, Tennessee!
    The airport in Nashville is a mini museum. There are glass cases
    housing some awesome looking guitars complete with pictures and
    stories to read up on the musicians who played them.
    The Tomkins Showcases were booked at the Sheraton Hotel for
    seven days. Our last show would be at the ‘Fiddle and Steel’ (The
    bar where Rascall Flatts were discovered!). The star lineup !
    included Travis Collins, Brianna Lee, Rob Wilson, Travis List,
    Allan Tomkins on bass, Pete on drums and of course Mistin.  Beccy
    Cole and her mum made several surprise visits whilst taking a
    break from their tour group. We did a four-hour show every night
    before heading out on the town to see what other shows we could
    During the day I got to see all the sights that I’d heard so much
    about. No trip to Nashville would be complete without a visit to
    the Grande Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame!
    Broadway Street is the main strip, similar to the strip in Las Vegas,
    where all the tourists go. I have never seen so many bands in my
    entire life! Actually, I think I saw more bands play in one night in
    Nashville than I have in my life. The street is like any small town
    here in Australia, just add neon signs at every door and make half
    the shops bars. Each with a full size band playing inside and lots of
    people wearing cowboy boots walking the streets. It was very
    surreal to be walking past places like ‘Tooties’ and ‘The Cadillac
    Ranch’ which I have seen on TV and heard so much about.
    During the four main nights of the festival there is a huge concert
    where all the big stars perform. Travis Collins and I headed over
    for one after our show at the Tomkins Showcase. I was
    embarrassed to say that I had never been to a concert in a stadium.
    I had seen Troy Cassar Daley and Sara Storer in concert at the
    Todd Tavern in Alice Springs! Thousands of people were walking
    over the footbridge towards the stadium. You could hear the music
    miles away. Sugarland, Carrie Underwood and Little Big Town
    were on that night. The crowd was going crazy. These people
    REALLY love their country music. The Mexican wave was going
    round and round the stadium. At the end of the show there was a
    big fireworks show. I’ll never forget it!
    Unfortunately my time in Nashville flew by and I was packing my
    once again bulging suitcase and heading to the airport. My trip
    home took over 24 hours. Oh my. During my entire trip I flew on a
    total of 10 planes! I will definitely pack lighter next time…always
    have wheels on your carry on luggage! It’s no fun carrying those
    things around airports.
    Chief Minister’s charity gala:
    Almost as soon as I got off the plane
    in Sydney I was doing my sound
    check with guitarist Peter Murphy for
    our performance at the Chief
    Ministers Annual charity concert. We
    were the supporting act for FABBA,
    formerly and previously known as
    ABBA ! and the Beatnix. The
    Canberra theatre had a full of 800
    people on the night.
    What’’s Coming Up?
    The World’s Greatest Impressionator:
    What’s an impressionator? Well…you really have to meet one to fully understand. I will
    be supporting the world’s greatest impressionator ‘Kevin A Legend’ for his two
    performances in Canberra. Details are still being confirmed but the shows will run on the
    14th and 15th of July. Keep an eye on my website for the final details.
    4th of July:
    The American Embassy based out of Canberra are hosting a big BBQ bash to celebrate
    the 4th of July; Americas Independence Day. I will be performing both the Australian and
    American anthems during the official ceremony. The Americans are putting on a big
    show to include Elvis impersonators, fireworks and BBQ ribs and sauce shipped all the

    way from America especially for this event. It’s an honor to be part of such an event.
    Hope to see you soon
    Mistin needs your support!
    The award-winning song DOWN THAT ROAD has helped secure a Top 20 hit for Mistin Renee Summers.

    The single, co-written with Jessica Che, has been the first song immortalised by Mistin with a filmclip, and so it is very exciting for Mistin to receive the acknowledgement.
    The Top 20 success has been achieved on Australia’s Top 30 CMC (Country Music Channel) video chart.

    Radio support has also been in full swing, with the following stations playing DOWN THAT ROAD:
    98.5FM Shepparton, SMA (Satellite Music Australia), 2GF, 97.1FM, 3HotFM Mildura, 4GY, 4WK, Today’s Best Country (8HA, Territory FM, 4KZ), CMR Network, 2MO, 2BRW Braidwood FM, 2MCR, Local FM, Saturday Night Country ABC, 2MG, KIX FM, 2LM, WYNFM, Oamaru Heritage Radio, 2PK, 2NZ, 2RE, 2SM, 2TM, 2UUUFM, 88.7 KIK-FM, Spectrum FM, 4RPH, 4VL, Yass FM, Radio Adelaide, Monaro FM, 97.1 Sweet FM, 2DU, 4OURFM, Yass FM, 2QN, Radio Goolarri, Valley FM, 2VM, 3GV, Gippsland FM, 1629AM, 2AD, Plenty Valley FM, 2HD, Radio 97, 2MNO, 4WK, EasternFM, Radio Milo, RoxFM, Ten 73FM
    You can request the DOWN THAT ROAD by logging onto


    Happy Tuesday!
    I hope that you had a great weekend.  It was a busy one for me.  I had three
    shows including the Queanbeyan Rodeo (I love performing at rodeos). I sang
    in the the arena in front of 3,000 cowboys, cowgirls and lost city slickers
    that had stumbled upon the madness.

    Also, this weekend my debut film clip 'Down That Road' was officially added
    to the Country Music Channel (CMC) and is 'Country Pick of the week'.  If
    you haven't seen the clip you can check it out at: www.mistin.net.
    If you like it please help push it up the charts by requesting it at:
    All the best and I hope you have a great week.
    "Happy Tunes!"

    Happy Monday!
    I hope everyone is geared up for the week. Mistin's 'Down That Road' video clip aired for the first time on the Country Music Channel (CMC) this past Wednesday. She's really excited! If you haven't already seen the clip it's on the home page of Mistin's website: www.mistin.net . If you like the video please take a few minutes to request it at: www.countrymusicchannel.com.au . Every request counts and we appreciate every single one.
    A big thank you so much to everyone who has already been supporting the single and video.
    “Happy Tunes!”
    I hope you have had a good week and that you are looking forward to a great
    weekend. I am just in the process of writing my January Newsletter. I
    thought I might pass on an interesting story that unfolded in Tamworth
    during the Country Music Festival last month.
    Please have a look at the attachment if you have a moment. Any information
    would be greatly appreciated.
    "Happy Tunes!"
    Print out and have the memories