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  Pete Thomas
What’s In A Name???

The artist formally known as Pete Gervasoni has relaunched himself with a new name and new myspace website. It may be only a slight change of name but Pete “Thomas” is about to reinvent himself as a new force in country music.

“Country music is my passion but I continue to hit constant hurdles due to confusion surrounding my surname.” Mr Gervasoni said.

“If changing my name means it will open new doors and create new opportunities then I am willing to make that small sacrifice. This will allow me to bring a fresh approach to my music and particularly my album I am currently working on.”

Pete Thomas rose to fame in 2004 when he performed at the MCG on Anzac Day in front of more than 70,000 people his original song What Are They Marching For? This song is a tribute to the fighting spirit of the Anzac’s. It is the only song of its kind to represent veterans from World War’s one and two and Vietnam.

Pete has continued working steadily throughout Victoria following a move to Geelong in 2006 from Ballarat and taking time out from his career to be a Dad to his two new children Isabella (2years) and Jack (10weeks).

2007/08 will be an exciting year for Pete Thomas with the launch of his new album “Rush” and the recording of his first video clip.

“I’m not a huge fan of video clips as I strongly believe it robs people of their imaginations. I want my songs to mean something different to those who listen to them. I also realise that video clips have become the best medium to promote your music so it is time that I give it a go”

Pete Thomas looks forward to the release of his upcoming album this summer and his planned tour of Regional Australia in 2008.

Check out Pete’s myspace to find out more about upcoming gigs and to find out exactly what inspired What Are They Marching For? www.myspace.com/petethomasau 

To contact Pete Thomas for further information please call 0417-370-384 or email pgmanagement@ozemail.com.au .

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