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Polly Medlen
When you hear Polly Medlen’s smoky vocals and emotion charged songs the next sentence is going to be
“Where can I get a copy of this!”

“Take Me With You” is the first single from her debut album, “Easier to Run”

Take that rare quality of instant rapport with audiences of all ages
and mix it with “a voice that contains so much emotion”, (Susan Jarvis, Capital News),

“Polly Medlen is a genuine new voice who sounds like she’s been here the whole time.” Says producer Roger Corbett.

“I just love every song, every time ” says fan, Belinda Wilson

‘Take Me With You’ is a country flavoured pop song with that all too human emotion “Don’t leave me behind!!”
Who hasn’t watched a loved one head on down the road in a cab on their way to somewhere exciting and not felt
a pang of envy, a scoop of loneliness and a dollop of regret.

Polly Medlen has made a compelling album of great acoustic guitar inspired songs
drawn from her life growing up in tiny Williams, W.A.
She grew up with family, lifelong friends and country life.
Plenty of time and space to create this great collection of heartfelt songs.

What’s all
the vibe
about Polly...
‘Take me with you’ is the first release from this talented songwriter’s debut album, ‘Easier to Run’
Take it with you and hear Polly on NFS April 2007.

Album sales distributed through One Stop Entertainment.
“Quite a vibe has been building about”...
this talented young songwriter from WA.
2006 WAM Country Songwriter Award

“A unique sound... she has a voice that becomes addictive
to listen to – there’s a certain tone, a wonderful
ability to bend notes, and that little
catch that contains so much emotion”.
Susan Jarvis, Capital News
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