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Rod Dowsett
If you want to buy Rod's CD email info@roddowsett.com
http://www.americanmusic.tk/   (discography - Belgium music online site) 
Hi ya'll sorry its been so long between contacts, since January Tamworth CMF well its been flat stick travellin around havin a great time playin were ever I could Nelson Bay CMF NSW with my band THE COLD HARD TRUTH, Croydon Poddy Dodgers CMF Gulf Country QLD on the Roses and Rouges show,out to Hats Off CMF NSW, Charters Towers and Caboolture CMF QLD as well as all the pub and club gigs that go in between from Canberra to Cairns and out to Lightning Ridge and Nindigully were my band and I will end the year as we have secured the New Years Eve bash out at Nindigully QLD population mid year 9, new years eve, 2500 look out. But for now im looking forward to heading up to the Gympie Muster and being part of the street festival at the end of August.

I released 12 foot Tinny as a single earlier this years and it made it to #23 on the charts so that was pretty cool.

Now this is were you can come in. Im going to make a video for 12 Foot Tinny. so if you have a photo of yourself or friend/ family member and would like to see yourself on Country Music Channel please scan it and email it to me with in the next 2 weeks and ill place in the clip and hopefully they'll support the clip with a high rotation. So send in your photo and ill get it together thanks for your support ill let you know when its complete and in the hand of CMC so you can all request it see ya'll soon take care and be safe Rod

Hi everyone my new single Flyaway has just been added to the Country Music Channel rotation.
Please click on the link below and request FLYAWAY thanks heaps I really appreciate your support thanks again and see you up at Gympie
Hi Guy here's a chance for you to win a guitar through the Musicoz Awards follow the links below and
vote for a song or two of mine, that will but you in the running. Thanks heaps for you continuing support
stay well and safe, Rod .
www.roddowsett.com  www.myspace.com/roddowsett
FRIDAY 17TH Muguildie Hotel Qld 7.30pm
Dont forger to vote for Flyaway on CMC just follow the links thanks

SATURDAY 18th South Kolan Hotel Qld 7.30pm
SUNDAY 19th Sunshine Beach Surf Club 2.00pm
Centre Stage 10.00am
Park Gates 1.00pm
Raffinatis Songwriters Café 2.00pm
Please follow the links and vote for my songs . YOU could win a
Maton Guitar
Thanks again Rod
www.roddowsett.com  www.myspace.com/roddowsett
FRIDAY 17TH Muguildie Hotel Qld 7.30pm
SATURDAY 18th South Kolan Hotel Qld 7.30pm
SUNDAY 19th Sunshine Beach Surf Club 2.00pm
THURSDAY 23rd GYMPIE Street Party
Centre Stage 10.00am
Park Gates 1.00pm
Raffinatis Songwriters Café 2.00pm

Dont forger to vote for Flyaway on CMC just follow the links
G’day everyone !
Just sitting down to reflect on what’s been
happening over the last few months and
I’ve been all over the place >> Just run up
over 105,000 K’s singing, drinking and
havin’ fun and my mechanic likes it !
Played in the Hunter Region
“explorer country”,
throughout New South Wales and up to
Charters Towers in the Townsville region,
in and around Bundaberg and also the
Brisbane regions, taking my CD around
and playing it to anyone that would
listen and thanks to all those who
bought a copy !!
Country Living is also another single
I’ve just released off my
“Rhyme or Reason album to
Hillcrest label, which will get
airplay throughout Europe, Canada,
parts of the USA and some Aussie
stations as well, so that will be all
exciting and very interesting to see
what happens there !
Also with a review in May’s Capital News magazine on what Rod’s all about, Fly Away has
topped it all and has just been released to radio through NFS (not for sale) and thanks to
Mick Smith for that ! … Fly Away will also soon make an appearance on CMC with the video
already at the station, Tim Dailey tells Rod it should be ready to go within 3-4 weeks.
All exciting news for Rod !! So keep an eye out for that and he wishes you to email him as
soon as you see it :) Apparently you can vote for it on the CMC website, so if you can do that,
that would be greatly appreciated !!
I spent six days in Charters Towers taking part in their festival which was just great !
I met some fantastic people over that period of time and shared quite a few drinks with the local folk at the
Court House Hotel, whilst listening to Robbie Gough (publican) play a few tunes & in between, pour a few beers !
This festival is set up like Tamworth so I gave the busking side a shot and I’ll be ****** I WON it :)
Thanks guys for the trophy and more so for the prize money >>> that was the exact amount as the speeding ticket I
got headin’ down … Oops (Had to pay it this time Mr Dowsett :) to be apart of the Caboolture Songwriters Café at
the Urban Country Music Festival, which was also fantastic !!!
I had the pleasure of being surrounded by beautiful women once again
~ Nellie Donovan
~ Rose Carleo
~ Kelly Llewellyn
This is such a special event and I know every artist loves to play at it, so thankyou very much Denise Torenbeek for
your support once again !!
Rod and his band hit Seabreeze Hotel at Nelson’s Bay Country Music Festival
once again, in around about a weeks time … See gig guide for that !!
Bill Chambers will also special guest for the evening with the boys, playing
Mandolin, Dobro, Guitar etc, so that will be very cool l Rod say’s :)
And if your there please do come up and say hi !!
Checkout www.roddowsett.com  and www.myspace.com/roddowsett
To see more photo’s, video and also audio gigs !
Thanks again for your time, travel safe and talk to all again soon !
Cheers for now
Well guys it’s that time of year once again to
dig out the woollies stoke up the fire & keep
warm for those chillie winter months ahead !
So until next time keep it Country, stay safe &
Warm wishes to you all !!
From Rod & Fee
Friday 17th - Mulgildie Hotel - Mulgildie - QLD - 7.30pm
Saturday 18th - South Kolan Hotel - South Kolan - Qld - 7.30pm
Sunday - 19th - Sunshine Beach Surf Club - Sunshine Beach - Qld - 2.00pm
Thursday - 23rd - Gympie Street Party - Gympie - QLD - TIME - TBA
Friday - 31st - Grafton Hotel - Grafton - NSW - 8.30pm
September 2007
Friday - 7th - Commercial Hotel - Alloha - QLD - 7.30pm
Saturday - 8th - Royal Hotel - Tenterfeild - NSW - 8.00pm
Friday - 14th - Warwick RSL Club - Warwick - Qld - 7.30pm
Sunday - 16th - Settlers Inn - Ipswich - Qld - 2.30pm
Friday 21st - Kempsey Heights Bowling Club - Kempsey - NSW - 5.30pm
Saturday - 22nd- Toormina Hotel - Toormina - NSW - 7.00pm
Sunday - 30th - Bellbird Hotel - Bellbird - NSW - 2.30pm
October 2007
Friday - 12th - Grafton Hotel - Grafton - NSW - 8.30pm
Saturday - 20th - The Loaded Dog - Tarago - NSW - 9.00pm
Sunday - 25th - Bellbird Hotel - Bellbird - NSW - 2.30pm
Saturday - 27th - Toormina Hotel - Toormina - NSW - 7.00pm
Sunday - 28th - Coffs Harbour Ex Serviceman’s Club - Coffs Harbour - NSW - 6.00pm
Kelly, Rod, Nellie and Kell
Hi everyone thanks for your support between albums.  My new Single Flyaway from my new album Rhyme or Reason film clip soon to be released on CMC check out this months edition of Capital News Magazine I'll keep you posted thanks again Rod
Hi every one I've added a couple of new songs to my, myspace page if you want to hear them before the albums released check out www.myspace.com/roddowsett  hope you enjoy them cheers Rod
Well Tamworth 2007 was just fantastic for me performing solo and working with my band “THE COLD HARD TRUTH”
Drums: Lee Willsher ~ Bass: Michael Fulton and Guitar/Backing Vocal: Pete Dyball … And a special thanks to Brad Bergen for
drumming for us on the Thursday night ! … Cheers mate hope to do it again some time.
Well as a band we performed at 4 venues over town with four performance at the Tudor Hotel and two at the Central Hotel which was an absolute blast, we had a great time and really appreciated the fantastic response we received from everyone that attended each night and it just got better and better !! … Thanks heaps to my band for their commitment to my music and also to everyone that attended our gigs, it was just awesome and hope to see you all there again next year.
Another venue we played ~ was the outside stage at the TREC as a three piece acoustic type gig: With Pete on Dobro ~ Michael on Bass and Me on guitar. This gig is always great we have a lot of fun playing here and very relaxed with always a good crowd ! *More so for the hats and free snags :) though their extremely appreciative as are we and all my original material is well received. Hopefully the guys and I will be working on this roots thing a bit more over the year.
*As a solo I had equally as much fun because I used this time to turn my sessions at the Tudor, to more like a songwriters show ~ explaining how the songs came about and the inspiration behind each song, so that the audience could get an understanding of them before I played them ! … I did this with the old songs and the new ones from Rhyme or Reason and it went down fantastic. So thanks to everyone that bought the albums and with your support I can now release a video and first single from my new album !
*We also played the Tamworth Town hall which I’ll talk about on page 3 of this newsletter. But before then, I received a phone call at about 9.30pm on Wednesday night to come and play out at the Pub with Bill Chambers. I’ve done this twice before back in 2002 when Bill and I first met on Peel street while I was busking ! … Since than our times have always clashed and I’ve never been able to get there, though this year was different and extremely enjoyable ! … A few frantic phone calls that night to check if the guys were ok to do the gig and we were there !  Along with another appreciative audience and an outlet to play all my original material. It’s a great feel playing there at the Pub and Bills played on all 3 of my albums and all have been produced by Pete at his studios “Valley Sounds” ! Pete is also Bill’s guitar tech and merch-bitch on Kasey’s tours, so there’s a great connection between us all !!!!! So thanks for the invite mate really do appreciate everything you do for me !
*The Cavalcade again was an incredible experience, the amount of people that line Peel street is amazing and thanks to Julie and everybody at the Australian Quarter Horse Association again this year, for having me along for the ride in that fantastic looking ute :) !! Owned by David and Jennifer Franklin. And a BIG thanks to the cop that only gave Dave a warning out the front of the Court House Hotel, for having me still in the back after the procession had ended !
*Speaking of the Pub ~ I’m part of RUM Entertainment run by Rebecca Urquhart McCarthy ! Beccy puts together a showcase at the
festival of all the artist that she represents and we had the pleasure of finishing the show for her on the last Saturday which was a fun
experience, even though I think that was like our/my 17th show at the festival ! ... You could say I was a little more croaky than normal !!  {but it was nearly midnight and the last festival gig ~ so therefore he got away with it} :)
We received some great feed back not sure if that’s a good thing considering the vocal but I’ll take it anyway. A big thank you to everyone that took part in the festival !!  Hope you had as good a time as we all did and see ya next year !
Rod Dowsett singer/songwriter >>> Has written all 12 tracks on his 3rd album Rhyme or Reason and put
plenty of heart and soul into each track vocally.
Rod manages to give each song a bit of an edge with his vocals and with good variation, he shows he is equally at
home with the heart felt ballads, as he is with toe tappin’ up tempo numbers.
There’s a country rock quality about Rod but he doesn’t go far from the traditional feel.
This is particularly evident on the slower tracks such as Pretty and Small ~ Valentines Day and the Rockabilly
influence of Country Livin’ ~ and the very Poignant Thank You , also with it’s powerful message !
*Rod also shows he likes to mix things up a bit, with up beat songs like Tobacco May ~ the rocky It’s my Shout
and the all inspiring new album title: Rhyme or Reason !
*Rod Dowsett has a fresh sound and most importantly it’s his own !
He’s not trying to be anyone else, he’s just him and that’s what brings to us all >>>
*Great lyrics
*Unique voice
*Awesome sound

*Great potential
Check out more about this talented performer at: www.roddowsett.com  www.myspace.com/roddowsett
February 2007
Friday 16th - D'Aguilar Hotel - D'Aguilar - Qld - 7:30pm
Saturday 17th - Universal Hotel Warwick - Qld - 9:00pm
Sunday 18th - Setters Inn - Ipswich - Qld - 2:00pm
Friday 23rd - Dunoon Sports Club - Dunoon - NSW - 8:00pm
March 2007
Friday 2nd - Inverall Rodeo - Inverell Show Ground - Inverell - 7:00pm
Saturday 3rd - Delungra Bowling Club - 7.30pm
Friday 9th - Royal Hotel - Gilgandra - NSW - 7:30pm
Saturday 10th - Club House Hotel - Wellington - NSW - 8:00pm
Saturday 17th - Private Function - Coffs Harbour - NSW
Saturday 24th - Toormina Hotel - Toormina - NSW - 7:00pm
Sunday 25th - Berefield Bowling Club - Berefield - NSW - 7:00pm
Friday 30th - Drovers Dog Tavern - Eumungerie - NSW - 7:30pm
Saturday 31st - Narromine Hotel - Narromine - NSW - 7:30pm
April 2007
Sunday 1st - Big Red Tavern - Hermidale - NSW - 3:00pm
Sunday 8th - Coffs Harbour Yatch Club - Coffs Harbour - NSW - 3:30pm
May 2007
Saturday 5th - Caboolture Urban Country Music Festival Song Writers Cafe - Qld - Time TBA
Sunday 6th - Caboolture Urban Country Music Festival Song Writers Cafe - Qld - Time TBA
Friday 25th - Kempsey Heights Bowling Club - Kempsey - NSW - 5:30pm
June 2007
Sunday 3rd - Coffs Harbour Yatch Club - Coffs Harbour - NSW - 3:30pm
Hi everyone !
Hope this edition finds you all safe and well over the Christmas shopping period and read to take it easy for a little while ! This years just gone flat out, been lots of places and met lots of folks throughout NSW and QLD, it’s
been a great experience for me and I’m looking forward to what the next year has to offer !!
The new album Rhyme or Reason is being pressed as we speak and will be released at Tamworth 2007 ! 
It came up an absolute gem and I’ve got to thank Pete Dyball, Michael Fulton, Lee Willsher, Bill Chambers,
Andrew Clermont and Linda Willsher ! They have given my songs the emotion that I felt while writing them and
that’s come through onto this album and for that I’m truly greatfull ! Thanks heaps guys !! … Ah and by the way, the name of our band will be Rod Dowsett and THE COLD HARD TRUTH ! So keep your eyes open for us at Tamworth and any other festival that’s up and running your way and hopefully we’ll be playing you a song there ! Take care and have a safe and beautiful Christmas and a happy New Year !!! And also thanks to Fiona !
Because she organizes this newsletter and than hassle’s the hell out of me ‘till I get my part filled in !
Take care and Merry Christmas from myself and my family and I’ll see ya all soon !
Rod to be inducted into the “Country Music Cook Book”
A guy by the name of James Maiden is compiling the book at the moment to be
launched during the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2007 !!
Be sure to grab yourself a copy during the festival, or just simply go online and
contact James at jmaidenj@optusnet.com.au
And checkout DOWSETTS favourite recipe !!
Don't forget to get your Pub Crawl T-shirt from Dirty Pierre !
And support kids with developmental disabilities and the Westpac Helicopter Service !
I think you can find out more on the dirty ones web site dirtypierretshirts@yahoo.com  They’ll be available on the long weekend of the Tamworth Country Music Festival, so keep an eye out and support the kids that will be greatly appreciated !!!
Rods EP– Six Tracks Down and first album “Dodging bullets” has seen him with the hit songs
*I got me a boat ….. …... …... *Thrill of the chase
*Now get ready for this unique voice and his long awaited second & upcoming album
Rhyme or Reason >> due to be released ~
At the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2007 !!
*And be sure not to miss him in his regular little spot outside the Tudor everyday kickin’ up a storm !
and watch out for little surprises around there at night :)
*Look forward to seeing you all soon and hope these newsletters have bought much joy to all you Rod Dowsett fans !
Well what a great time I had up at the Gympie Muster staying with my friends that invited me to join
them again this year at their camp site, it’s a home away from home and thanks for making me feel
always welcome !
*Doing the Gympie Street Party 10am on Thursday at the Centre stage and than 1.pm at the Tommy
Rocker Stage out the front of the Imperial Hotel was great ! First time on the official program and I’d like
to thank Denise Torenbeek for asking me to be part of it ! As it helped me to secure a spot on the Muster
Club Stage for that Thursday night as well.
*There's two types of shows that I really love doing and I got to do them both up at Gympie !!
I really enjoy playing my original material just me and an acoustic guitar, you get express on how the
song begins, tell a yarn and play it as it was written. The other ~ Is playing country rock covers and
originals with a band ~ They both deliver a great sense of satisfaction and pleasure ~ It’s a buzz !
I’d also like to thank Greg Atherton from the Atherton Brother, for the big rap before my show at the
Imperial and the use of his P.A and also being my merch person, greatly appreciated mate ! And thanks
to everybody that came and watched the show and supported me ~ thanks heaps ~ Its always a blast !!
Well 4 years ago I went to the Gympie Muster and didn't even get through the first heat of the Talent search and this year, a spot on the official program in the Muster Club ~ A little amazing ! So I’d like to thank Mary-Lou for having the confidence in me and the chance to perform, we had a fantastic time and you just don't know what the muster will have install... My band for the show was just first class (Sir) Mick Lockhart on guitar and backing vocals www.austrings.com.au  The only original member of my band Michael Fulton on Bass ~ He's been to every festival with me so far and its always a pleasure, I really appreciate it mate ! Brad Bergen on Drums, Brad drummed for me down at the Nelsons Bay Festival and it was great to see him sitting back there again and a great surprise ~ Was having Pete Denahy playing Fiddle and harmonies. I couldn't help but think, that this is what Slim would have
experienced when we played lights on the hill and Pete's singing and playing away ~ what a thrill ! Cheers guys... I hope we can do it all again real soon !
MY NEW CD >>> Rhyme or Reason >>> is under way with the guild tracks down and the photo shoot done !
Again I’m recording this album at Valleysounds studios
www.valleysounds.com  My guitar player, producer and good mate Pete Dyball, will be in charge of production ! He’s just returned from co-producing Kasey Chambers new CD “Carnival” So all his new wealth of knowledge will be carried onto this project and can’t wait. The photo shoot for the cover and booklet was great ! Toni Fuller www.tonesphotography.com  Is just amazing, man she’s good.
It was shot in the back hill’s of Coffs Harbour in a town called Lowanna ~ Fantastic setting !
Graphics by Glen Hannah
www.goonga.com  The combination of these two artist will produce a superb package I’m sure !
The muso's on the CD will again be ~ Bill Chambers guitar, lap steel and who knows what else :) Michael Fulton bass guitar, Lee Wilshire on Drums and Lawrie Minsons in town when we’re recording, so he’ll be popping in to play some Banjo and Fiddle and I know that Pete Dyball wants to play some guitar
and do a touch of singing on a trac or two, so I’m really looking forward to this experience !
*October will be a busy one with recording and the performing Schedule ~ Keep it coming !
*And so folk ~ If you’ve got a dream ~ Don’t let it go ~ Enjoy the journey ~ Believe ~ And you can “Achieve” whatever you put you mind to !
Take care and hope to see you all soon ___________Rod
CD Rhyme or Reason >> Released January 2007
Hi ya'll just a quick note to let you know that the two clips shown on CMC and a couple of songs from live gigs have been added to the band page on my web site check em out. Hope to see you all soon Rod
Port Stephens Country Music Festival
With a 5 hour drive Rod and the band had a wonderful time down at Nelsons Bay arriving at 5pm.
They then fort their way through wind and rain and into the pub for a couple of well earned beers !!
Being >> { Seabreeze Hotel } where the guys were due to play later that night !
After a drink they headed out to “One Mile Beach Caravan Park” and had a listen to Danny Mack
who was doing a spot at Bill Chambers gig. Great to listen too and if you enjoy Billy Joe Shaver/John
Prine, then you will certainly enjoy listening to Danny !! … Rod was also invited up to do a few
songs off his new album (due to be released in Tamworth 2007) Rod says- I’ve never had B.J Barker
play drums on my stuff before... That was a blast ! Cheers mate !
Was then time for the boys to head back to the pub for a bite to eat & a couple more beers ! With
Pete Dyball and Lee Whillsher unable to make the gig, Bill Chambers and Brad Bergen filled in on
guitar and drums for me & after an initial tunning problem on my behalf, was all smooth sailing from
then on ! Was a fantastic night and just like to say *thanks heaps to everybody who attended* hope
you had as much fun as we did ! Also need to thank *Helen Mitchell* for supporting and promoting
independent artist. She put my name forward to the organizers of this festival and I’m very greatful
for that ! Helen was running around taking photos doing an almighty job and if there is anything you
need to know about country music, visit Helen at www.tamworthragepage.com
So with another gig over and very little sleep (the guy I shared a room with snores like a demon)
made a quick dash down to Campbelltown RSL to do an hours live radio interview on 2MCR with
Helen Kay ! Then it was back on the road again making it home to Coffs Harbour just in time for the
kick off, between Australia –v– Japan and it was well worth the drive !
Well once again hope all is well, take care and thanks for your support !
Yes that’s right !! After a trip down to Nelson Bay Rod was no sooner there and he had a
name for his band…….
The name came about when the guys arrived at Nelsons Bay !
They thought it was funny Rod going back there to play after so many years & when they got there the local
theatrical society were staging their show >>> called
* Divorce Me Darling *
They had their banner hanging from their over head bride and as you might be aware ... Rod doesn't have any
luck with relationships ! It was at Nelsons Bay where he wrote his hit song “ I got Me A Boat “ and also being
where he met >>> Now his ex-wife !
So after a bit of a laugh with...
* The Banner
* The Bride
* & The Song
Rod says he couldn’t resist ! And named his band
Out and about
Rod has one gig to do at Sunshine Beach Surf Club
in the lovely Noosa Heads area &
looking forward to that !
Then he gets to hang out at the Gympie Muster
* Well guys, we hope that you’ve all enjoyed receiving news on Rods whereabouts
and what he’s been up too ! Until next time... Stay safe and keep warm !!
Cheers for now !
Rod Dowsett Fan Club
Volume 1, Issue 1
June 2006

Rod's Biography
Tamworth 2006
Inverell Rodeo
Gig Guide
How the fan Club Started

G’day From Rod
A big hello to everyone and welcome to my first newsletter !
Hope your all well and enjoying the country music that is
floating around at the moment ! … I’ve had a fantastic few
months since Tamworth playing all over the place, places
which you’ll read about further on in the newsletter !
It’s a great pleasure to be able to deliver your own material
and have a crowd that appreciates what you do, so thanks to
everyone out there wherever you may be that comes along to
support my gigs !!
Just would also like to say that having a band is a big bonus
aswell, the guys are great and they do an awesome job when
needed ! … Michael Fulton, Bill Chambers, Pete Dybal and
Brad Bergen. Thanks a million guys !
Don’t forget *Hats Off To Country* in Tamworth
I’ll be playing at the Central Hotel 6th & 7th of July.
Looking forward to that ! Take care and keep supporting live
country music ! …
Cheers Rod
Born: On August 4th in Sydney
& now resides in Coffs Harbour on the beautiful Mid North Coast,
close to his two daughters *** Alana & Emily
How You Started: Picked up a guitar at the ripe old age of *Eight*
listening to Crosby Stills Nash, Steve Earle & Neil Young

Likes: Hangin’ out with friends drinkin’ Bundy & Beer !!
Dislikes: Running below empty on a long straight road out the back
of nowhere & not a garage insight :)

Worst Habits: …………… Relationships …………………
Second Career Choice: Carpenter/Builder
Who Discovered Your Talent: Bill Chambers did ! (Kasey’s dad) on
Peel St in 2003 & thanks to Bill that was one of my first opportunity’s
to do a few songs at THE PUB in Tamworth !

Drives: Mazda Van
Star Sign: Leo
Dream Car: A fully decked out bus to live in with a self made stage,
so I can cruise comfortably playing from town to town !

$$$ (Black BMW convertible really) $$$
To Relax : I don’t mind a bit of fishing/surfing and always
enjoy a “Beer & Bundy” with mates !!

Favourite Colour: Is purple
Favourite Food: Anything hot and spicy …………… & Bundy !
Tamworth 2006
The Tamworth Country Music Festival every year
has a permanent spot for Rod and this year was no
exception. Once again he had a huge crowd that
gathered every day outside the Tudor and for two
hours just entertained young and old….. With a bit
of help from Charlie as well ! Rod was also happy
to sell a cd and have a chat in between songs.
Cavalcade… First Time
Waiting Waiting Waiting                                        Spotted By Charlie
Being on the back of the Quarter Horse truck was very exciting I’d never done anything
like this before, I didn’t know what to do so I was told to just wave and the nerves would
settle themselves !....................................
The generator powered up the PA so my album could play during the cavalcade and that
was pretty loud as I had to stand right behind it. I didn’t know what to expect and when
we approached the corner and the truck was in view “ The crowd were just amazing” the
nerves went and the waving just came naturally. It was the most enjoyable experience and
I was very greatful to be apart of it all ! Not being able to stick around at the though as I
had to rush off and do one last radio interview and then with only a couple of hours left in
my pocket, had to go and get ready for another gig.

Finally got the truck & Speakers in the right spot
While the guys used Rods PA for the music throughout
the rodeo Rod kicked back thoroughly enjoying himself
despite the rain, filming all the action from the bull rides
and eating Mexican food ! Also making sure to take a
step or two back away from the fence when the bull came too close.
The truck was then moved over to the bar parked on a
slop and Rod took the rodeo crowd into the early hours
with a gig after… He even had a first time crack at "The Gambler"
OOPS…Grafton police
to the rescue !!

Heading to Inverell from a gig in Tamworth the night before Rod just wanted to get
home, he had an extra hour added to his trip due to the floods and 60kms out of
Grafton he wasn’t going anyway but stranded !... By a tree that had fallen across
the road just minutes before he got there... LUCKY ! Rod caught up on a few well
earned Zzz’s waiting for the tree to be moved !
Rod having a film clip                         Just about to leave the gaol              
idea at Trial Bay Gaol                              and the whales put on a                  
                                                         performance for everybody around !   
                                   He was wrong !!!                               


Up in Queensland
Pecks Crossing....Muttapilly Muster...       
Muttapilly Muster was great had a fantastic time ! Thanks to Neil Duddey for the
great welcome and the gig up at Peck Crossing on the Friday night ! Playing off the
back of a Semi is always enjoyable and to have the opportunity to close the event
with an estimated crowd of 600 was great... So thanks again mate I had a ball !!

Rod had a busy little April travelling up to QLD where he performed at the following:
Rod used his unique voice at the Horseshoe Bend Roundup in Hexham April 26th
where he performed ‘Fly Away” a song in which he had especially written just for his
grandmother !... It’s also talk that Fly Away will be one of the tracs on Rods new album
so keep eyes peeled …………….. He’s in the studio now !!!
Still having more miles to travel and not much rest in between with gigs every night,
Rod stares down that long white line once again and heads back up to QLD where he
performed at the Song Writers café Music Festival in Caboolture on April 30, along
with pushing all the right buttons for Kelly Llewellyn…. If you were lucky enough to
be at Song Writers, Rod says you will understand that !! Also performing with Rod and
Kelly, was Cheryl Lee.
Thanks also for Guntree!

for selling my CD's

Bye the way… Rod wants a name for his band !
If anyone out there has any suggestions he would be more
than happy to hear from you !!
Are in order for Rod with his album “Dodging Bullets”
Now being distributed through ONE STOP & also for being ranked at # 21 in the
top 50 for an independent sale… WELL DONE ROD !!
??? MMM ???


Didn’t know him from a bar a soap just heard Alan Jackson
one day walking up Peel street & there he was outside the
Tudor beltin’ out Chattahoochie ! Unreal.... Sounded just like
the real thing !

Seven months later we met in the Crowbar at the Gympie Muster & he was telling me
how he wanted to get a band together to play for him & he wanted to get some tattoos
as well. Five of us hung out all weekend it was great ! We stayed in touch & a couple of
weeks after the muster Rod had to go down to Sydney for a gig & so we caught up for
coffee. He mentioned the tattoos again & I said well just do something about it. I knew he
wouldn’t so I got on the phone the next day found out where he could get some made up
& left it with him. Two months went bye & I got a message from him saying thanks, got
my tatts today they look great… He didn’t tell me he actually did anything about it &
when I got that I thought– Yep ok very good !
Then Tamworth 2006 came & one day I was sitting on the ground outside the Tudor with
some mates watching Rod play, selling cd's, answering questions & handing out tatts in
between songs ! So I sent him a text saying you need someone to be doing that for you !
Nothing more was said & two weeks after Tamworth it came up in a conversation I had
with a friend about starting up a fan club for him. So I text Rod that afternoon & asked if I
could do it ? Was all quite once again & the next day I got an email from him just after I
turned my computer off saying….. Ok, lets give this newsletter thing ago !... So & now
here we are & we hope that everyone that enjoys Rods music, will enjoy a regular update
as well.
Gympie Muster
Rod has had steady work around since the Tamworth Festival. He has played at the Muttapilly Muster, Inverell Rodeo.

He is starting work on his new album next Wednesday 3rd May at Valley Sounds Studio, Dairyville which is at the back of Coffs Harbour.   He will be recording all original songs.

Rod hopes to have Bill Chambers, Lee Wilshire on drums and Michael Fulton on base. He also hopes to have a banjo and fiddle player as well.
Rod played at Hexham Bowling Club last night 26th April at the Horseshoe Bend Roundup and then he is heading to Wyong - Hill Billy Heaven with Daniel Thompson then Grafton Hotel then onto Warwick and
 Caboolture Urban Country Music Festival
Hats off Tamworth playing at the Central Hotel.   
Rod lives in Coffs Harbour
thanks heaps.  Photos will be on the Horseshoe Bend Website soon.
A QUIRKY LOVE SONG .... that's what you get when you listen to
new single
I GOT ME A BOAT (nfs #97 track 20)
Small Song Sample
If you've ever owned a boat, you will relate to Rod's lyrics.
The single taken from his debut album DODGING BULLETS, is a love song about a boat. It's rough, raw & honest ... a simple track that lets Rod bare his soul.

"There is plenty of emotion and feeling to many of his songs ... when the opportunity comes along, you have to take it with both hands - that opportunity has arrived for Rod Dowsett with his album, Dodging Bullets."
Bob Anthony Jnr, Country Update

Behind Rod's emotionally charged vocals are stories from his own experiences.
Have a listen to 'I GOT ME A BOAT ' at radio now!!
For further information or interviews contact:
RUM Entertainment
ph/fax 02 4285 1461
(m) 0439 730 460

If you want to buy Rod's CD go to www.roddowsett.com
 or email  info@roddowsett.com
10 original songs and written by Rod
produced by Pete Dyball
Mixed and Mastered by at Valleysound Studios
Rod Dowsett - Guitar and Vocals
Pete Dyball - Bass, Drums, Kick Drums, Electric Guitar,
Nylon String Guitar, Kitchen Sink and Backing Vocals
Bill Chambers - Lap Steel, Mandolin, Electric Guitar, Dobro
Roger Faynes - Piano, Organ
Tim Wedde - Piano Accordion

ROD DOWSETT - Independent

Rough and raw, ROD DOWSETT sounds like smoky bars, beer and tequila shooters. Rod's new album Dodging Bullets is ten tracks with quirky songs like I got me a boat, a love song about a boat - well, his women left him.  There are a lot of drown your - sorrows tracks, all with that catchy barroom feel.  Great Doro and lap steel from BILL CHAMBERS adds to the bluesy atmosphere. Killing Time is a soft rocky number with a sinister plot.  I"ll Never Understand is another lost love lament.
Percussion on Robin had me reach for the album liner. The unique tapping sound was created on the kitchen sink! Yes this album has everything, including the kitchen sink! The title track Dodging Bullets is quite a foot stomper; I can see the barroom dust rising already.  Certainly, if you like your country coloured with tones of the blues, you will love this album.
Independent Available direct from
Behind Rod’s emotionally charged vocals are the stories he writes from his own experiences.
His music is raw – it’s OUTLAW music.

Having performed at numerous festivals throughout Australia, including the Gympie Muster, Tamworth Country Music Festival and the Caboolture Urban Country Muster, has helped lift Rod’s profile.

Early 2004 saw Bill Chambers & Audrey Auld invite Rod to perform with them at Tamworth and it was described as “the best sound on the streets in five years”. This sound also resulted in Rod being chosen to perform in the Buskers Championships at Bicentennial Park in front of 3500 people.

Rod has shared the stage with other notable artists such as Dave Glesson (lead vocalist from the Screaming Jets) and The Stiltsons, and up and coming country star Adam Kilpatrick.

Late 2003 Rod made his way into the studio to record an EP titled ‘Six Tracks Down’,

at Valleysound Studio Dairyville. Nestled in the rolling forest mountains behind Coffs Harbour, it was the perfect backdrop to create his music. With the help of a couple of great friends producer Pete Dyball and the inspirational Bill Chambers (Dead Ringer Band), Rod was able to produce a remarkable recording that gained recognition from his peers.

His latest work is the album ‘Dodging Bullets’. An album that takes you on a journey of tales. Rod bares his soul on tracks such as ‘I’ll Never Understand Why’ & ‘Thrill Of The Chase’ to the simple ‘I Got Me A Boat’ and title track ‘Dodging Bullets’.

Add a little excitement in your life – have a listen to what this outlaw has to say.
New single out June!
This CD was produced at Valley Sounds Studios in Dairyville, NSW just out side of Coffs Harbour by Pete Dyball.   Pete plays drums and bass
Bill Chambers weaves his Magic on the strings, Dobro, Mandolin, Pedal Steel, Electric & acoustic guitar.
All the song are composed by Rod and he finish it off with vocals and guitar.
Print out and have the memories