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The Rough Diamonds
Hey Guys,
Just letting you know that while we are awaiting the online credit card facility, our EP is available on ebay. Here's the link:


Please pass it on to everyone that you think would be interested in getting a copy (just in time for Christmas too!!!)

We are receiving fantastic responses from everyone, and C'Ya is going great guns on US Radio also. We received 758,235 votes to keep it on the American Country Radio Network, this placed it into the Top 40 on ACRN and it will be played alongside mainstream artists every 5 - 6 hours!!!

So be sure to let everyone know to grab their copy. CD's can be signed upon request also!!!

Thanks for helping us to get the word out!!!
luv Cec...xxx
The Rough Diamonds, with their love for all things country and their down to earth personalities are sure to make their mark in your hearts as well as on the charts.

Sisters, Cec and Em, belong to a big family where music has played an integral part of every family gathering or backyard barbeque – without music there was no gathering. Their ‘mum’ was on her way to becoming a nun when she met ‘dad’ a lead singer in a local band, and it’s been sweet music ever since. Four kids later, Cec was born, followed a few years later by Em.

Cec and Em, have spent their lives breathing, sleeping, and living music. As well as the odd family gathering – and I do mean odd in every sense of the word hehe :o) – they have performed at weddings, concerts and social events. A few years back they also had a regular weekly spot on a community radio station.

Their voices blend beautifully together, the depth to their sound, the way they harmonize and the level of emotion in their delivery, brings the music to life. They sure know how to make you feel it and bring out the goosebumps!!

After many years of encouragement from their already established fan base, they have decided to bite the bullet and start working on recording an album which is due to be released in 2007.

Now it’s time for the rest of the world to join in the fun, feel the goosebumps and experience the unique sound of The Rough Diamonds, as only the girls know how to sing it.
Print out and have the memories