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Shaz Lane
Nominated for a Deadly Award in The Most promising New Talent section.
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SHARON LEE LANE on Channel 9 RPA Where Are They Now

RPA ‘Where Are They Now’ Thursday 25 October 2007 at 10.00pm on Nine
Most Promising New Talent at this year’s Deadlys Shaz Lane hasn’t had any time to rest on laurels.
Just a week after winning one of Indigenous Australia’s most exciting music awards she was putting the finishing touches on her latest album with producer Herm Kovac at Ramrod Studios in Sydney and within two weeks back in her hometown, hosting a Women Out West Luncheon to talk about her trials and achievements.
The Sharon Lee Lane story has opened on a new and exciting chapter for Shaz.
The Dubbo based singer and Community and Student Liaison Officer with Charles Sturt University is also in her final year of A Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Over a year ago Shaz battled a deliberating brain tumour and in barely eighteen months she achieved a personal goal many would wonder virtually impossible.

The story of Shaz’s diagnosis and surgery was aired nationally on Channel Nine’s RPA show in November last year. Just a few months ago RPA again contacted Shaz to follow up and document her recovery and profile the life changing experience that unfolded.

Her story airs tomorrow evening on Channel Nine at 10.00pm.
‘I think if you’ve survived something like this, people really want to know how you are. They want to reach out to you and try to understand a small part of it themselves.’

‘It has also encouraged many others to become more aware of their own health issues. The RPA team were absolutely wonderful to work with showing my delicate operation and journey back to health.’

‘It also shows what direction life has taken me. I owe my life to Dr Rodney Allan for getting everything right.’

Refreshed and ready to rock with her debut album completed, there’s a buzz coming from Shaz like an electrical charge.
‘Making this album with Herm Kovac has been simply amazing’ says Shaz.
‘I have really grown from the last twelve months and life is definitely something that should not be taken for granted’.
The album coincidentally titled ‘Second Chance’ will be launched at the Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland in Dec/Jan 2007. The first single 'Hello' is due to be released to radio in the first week of November.
Publicist Rhonda Sinclair blurb creative solutions 0438902413
 Shaz Lane
My single went National with NFS on the 15th January 2007 and I am pretty excited about that. I have been receiving lots of airplay in my home town of Dubbo and had the most extraordinary year last year.
I will be recording my first Album soon with Stuie and Camille,
Singer Shaz Lane at her new CD Launch, Shaz will feature on Channel Nine's RPA in an episode focusing on the Nine hour operation she underwent to remove a tumour.

NfS release 111 Shaz ‘Left It All Behind’
Dubbo artist Sharon Lane recovered from extensive surgery last year after being diagnosed with a life threatening tumour.

In April 2006 Sharon underwent major brain surgery to remove a Meningioma tumour in her right eye which was also having a detrimental effect on her eyesight. Channel Nine’s RPA picked up on the story and it aired on November 23 and 30.

‘I agreed to appear on the national television medical series in an endeavour to inform others not to dismiss common symptoms such as headaches and blurred vision associated with migraines as the cause could very well be something more serious’ Sharon says.

Amazingly just over a year later she appears as up and coming new artist and support act for the Wolverines at Dubbo on May 13 and the Dreaming Festival at Woodford from 8 to 11 June.

Billed alongside some of the country’s leading Aboriginal artists Shaz will appear three times at the three day four night event. The Dreaming Festival is Australia’s only International Indigenous Festival. It has performing arts venues bars Ceremony grounds traditional healing galleries rituals campfire story circles and a mass of stalls workshop avenue and food outlets. Presented by the QFF under the artistic direction of Rhoda Roberts the program features film & literature components, performing arts, New media and Digital technologies, food and wine fare, comedy, ceremony, exhibitions, performance artists, physical theatre, Visual arts, carf workshops, music program, street performers, musicals and a youth program.

‘2007 is going to be a great year’ Shaz said ‘I am currently writing songs and working on my first album to be produced later this year.’

She says also that her passion for music started in school when she would sing at many of the talent quests throughout NSW. Later on she was invited to guest artist with the Col Hardy Show Band.

She was thrilled when in 2002 she appeared as support act to Adam Brand and Adam Harvey as part of the Orana Country Music Association. In 2003 Sharon entered in and became a Finalist in the NSW Champion of Champions held at Newcastle.

Sharon or ‘Shaz’ as her audiences know her has a solo show she presents on the pubs and clubs circuit throughout NSW and at local charities. It’s the perfect venues for honing live shows where audiences either love or hate you. Dubbo based she combines her music career with her professional role as Community and Student Liaison Officer with the Indigenous Support Unit Charles Sturt University and is currently in her third year of study to obtain a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) through the Australian Catholic University. In between work commitments she found time to do a couple of road tours with Just For Kicks touring Western NSW and performing in bands such as Stallion, Billy T Tennessee and Knocternal.

Looking for a bigger break in the music industry Sharon set about recording a self-funded independent EP of original songs. Just as the production stage commenced she received the doctor’s diagnosis and her world was turned upside down.

‘I didn’t think it would every see the light of day’ she reflected. ‘It was an extremely traumatic time. I knew I wanted to record these tracks and seeing the EP completed helped me to focus on the future amongst other priorities.’

Recovering and with her health stabilised she entered the single ‘Left It All Behind’ in the MusicOz Awards along with 5000 other hopefuls and was placed 55 in the top 100 of the Country Music section.

Sharon released the 3 track EP ‘Shaz – Left It All Behind’ on 1 November and the first single Australia wide through NFS Publicity In January. NfS 111 Track 17

Bookings & further information or interviews please contact:
 sharon.lane@bigpond.com.au  www.shazlane.com 
NfS 111 Track 17
Shaz (Sharon Lane)
RADIO AIRPLAY REVIEWS – here’s what they’re saying
‘Right from the initial driving guitar and great hook you know you’ll want to hear ‘Left It All Behind’ again and again. Shaz’ soulful vocal suits this song to a tee. Country music in Australia is blessed with a great variety of fresh new material and this is one of the best. ‘Left It All Behind’ is perfect for radio. It’s energetic and lively and is sure to bring a legion of new fans to this Dubbo-based performer.’
Daryl Kirkup - dkvoice@bigpond.net.au 


‘Shaz's ‘Left It All Behind’ showcases her ability to convey raw energy and emotion in a song. She reminds me of a female Jimmy Barnes. Good luck with it Shaz.
Rod Collman - 2MNO FM - rcollman@bigpond.net.au 

The hot single from Shaz ‘Left it All Behind’ is refreshingly different and ideally suited to my country radio format. When listeners call in with positive comments about the song an announcer knows his judgment is right on track. Congratulations Shaz .. give us more!
Big Al Field - Triple U FM Nowra and www.twangtownusa.com  Radio Nashville TN

‘the voice reflects her having lived life, which is interpreted in the delivery. Can't wait for a full album. Go Girl!! LOVED the delivery … passionate and personal. Kind Regards
‘Tubby’ Dyer - Bar-B-Q Country on Coast F/M 963 Central Coast www.bbqcountry.com.au

Shaz …..A good rocky song well produced. The feedback is all good. Shaz well done and good luck with the single. Good Luck with your EP.
Trevor Johnson trevorvj@optusnet.com.au  ; www.countrycapers.com.au 

Shaz ..It's really great and It's great for our station – just ballady enough without being too slow.
Hope all goes well for you. Yours in Country.
Margaret Hudson fremar@bigpond.net.au  - 3RPP Radio Port Phillip 98.7 & 98.3 FM
Hi Sharon Lovely to hear from you and congratulations on the release of ‘Left It All Behind’. It is a great radio song and you want to be very proud of the quality of the release. I have added it to my playlist for my ‘Urban Country’ program on 101.5FM in Caboolture and I will also play it shortly on my new ‘Australian Showcase’ program broadcast worldwide on CMR Nashville. Kindest Regards,
Daryl Kirkup -

Hello Shaz … I have heard your song and enjoyed it immensely. Hope the song does very well for you Shaz. Regards from Maurie as well. Best wishes
Barry Gower Coast-FM SA -

Hi Shaz .. Happy New Year. We are country music presenters with 3NRG 99.3FM here in Sunbury Victoria. Have just received the new NFS and liked your track Left It All Behind. Regards
Elsie & Colin Bernard -
This vibrant performer resides in Dubbo NSW Australia. Sharon’s passion for music became evident during her school years where she performed extensively at talent quests throughout NSW with many successes.

Sharon was given the opportunity to be guest artist with the Col Hardy Show Band.

In 2002 Sharon was a support act for Adam Brand and Adam Harvey as part of the Orana Country Music Association

In 2003 Sharon entered in and became a Finalist in the NSW Champion of Champions held at Newcastle.

Sharon has also gained experience performing in bands such as Stallion, Billy T Tennessee, Knocternal and Just For Kicks, touring Western NSW.

Sharon currently presents her own solo shows and performs under the name ‘Shaz’, performing in hotels, clubs and charities throughout NSW.

Sharon’s ability to captivate an audience and entertain the crowd has established her as a true crowd pleaser. Her performances reflect her love of music.

Sharon decided to take the next step within her career by means of recording her own songs. Sharon’s songwriting brings an innovative flavour and unique style to the music scene.

Sharon has just released her own independent 3 track EP on the 1st November 2006, containing the title track ‘Left it all behind’, after a short break from the industry.
(Sharon’s EP is available commercially through Music Matters (Dubbo) or on line via Sharon’s web page, www.shazlane.com ).

A goal that Sharon thought would not come to pass due to the fact that in April 2006, Sharon underwent major brain surgery to remove a Meningioma tumour, which was also having a detrimental effect on her eyesight in her right eye.

During this traumatic time Sharon was asked to appear on the RPA medical series, which she agreed to in an endeavour to inform others not to dismiss common symptoms (such as headaches, and blurred vision associated with migraines) as the cause could very well be something more serious, as in Sharon’s case. (The RPA series aired on November 23rd and 30th 2006.)

Sharon entered the single ‘Left it all behind’, in the MusicOz Awards along with 5000 other hopefuls and was placed 55 in the top 100 for the Country Music section.

‘Left it all behind’, will be distributed Australia wide through NFS Publicity as of Monday the 15th January, 2007.

In addition to this Sharon maintains a full time position within Charles Sturt University as Community and Student Liaison with the Indigenous Support Unit and is currently in her third year of study to obtain a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) through the Australian Catholic University with aspirations of guiding the Indigenous youth of the future.
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