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G’day Helen !
We have a couple of big months coming up and we wanted to let you all know about a couple of great gigs we have down in the old diary !!
For all of you city folks ,

Smithfield RSL This Saturday night (22ndSeptember) We are playing at the Smithfield RSL stating at 9.00. p.m. The club is on the Cumberland Highway
 just down from the Horsley drive , It is really easy to find .

Rooty Hill RSL On Grand Final day , Sunday the 30th of September we are playing at the Rooty Hill RSL starting at around 12.30 in the arvo and going through till 3.30 , there are raffles and prizes at the club all arvo and we are gonna have a ball !!

For our central coast friends ,
Gosford RSL

We are back at the Gosford RSL on the 6th of October . It is always a great night at gosford !!! 
And for our mates in the bush , we have two big nights coming up !!

On Saturday the 29th of September we are playing at the Tamworth Services Club for the first time . The club is having a "Look"at us for the festival so we are planning a big'n!! we will be kicking off around 8.30 p.m. We are looking forward to seeing you Tamworthians out there ready to BUSH HARD !!!! There will be more details in Anna Rose's column this week .

Willawarren Pub
In October ( on the 27th)we are making a bit of a trek out to the back of Kempsey to the Willawarren Hotel . It is a new Venue but is a little hub of country music . They have a lot of great bands there like Handpicked , The Red Hot Poker Dots , Johnny Greens blues Cowboys and they are gining us a go !! From what I have heard it goes off .

New Years Eve
We will be in one of our favourite old haunts where we have played since way back in the Tim days. The Richmond RSL in the west of Sydney is a great little venue with only a small walk to the bar , about four steps from any seat in the room . It gets packed in the lounge area and we always have a bloody ball . So get there early to get a table !!!

On My Own !!
Dont forget that I have my little solo gigs once a month down at the Robertson Inn . Its a great little pub and the last gig turned into a request driven singalong !! I am there on this Friday night , 21st and then on the 19th of October .
I also have a solo gig at the Antill Park Golf Club on the 5th of October .

We have some new tunes that I have knocked up and are keen to give you a listen. Hopefully they will crack a smile and one of them might even choke up a teary eye !! we are writing songs for a new CD next year !!
Thanks for your support Helen and if you wouldn't mind folks , tell your friends we would appreciate the help and Ya cant beat the Bush Telegraph !!
We'll See ya when We are looking at ya !!!
Paully From Simply Bushed
G’day Helen, its been a little while since we whacked some new news up here on the rage page for you , but that doesn’t mean we’ve been bludging , o contrary !! we have been busy little bushies . I will give you a few of the highlights ,
• Firstly , as our regular bushies would know ,We proudly proclaimed last years Muster as the best gig ever , well apparently they thought we went OK also because , Marylou , Brian and all the legends that organise The best party in Australia have promoted us to the main stage and we are STOKED !!! We will be opening up the main stage on Friday night !!
• We are also very excited to be appearing at Sydneys premier Country Music Festival , at Galston . It will be our first appearance at the Galston Festival
• Our film clip has been added to the CMC playlist and you can all watch it on youtube a swell the link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNgQ0osBv9A . We would also be eternally grateful if anyone would like to sling us a request on CMC . An easy thing to do by clicking away at http://countrymusicchannel.com.au/CMC/Requests.aspx  .
• Our website is now online with a bit of a re fit , we have mostly gotten rid of old Dan off the site and have completely installed Riegs. A lot of the folks will see him for the first time at the Muster and he is bloody brilliant we plan to keep him !!
• Our My space is up and running and you can find us at www.myspace.com/simplybushed  , , make sure you friend us up if you are on there .
• We have a heap of new songs as I am in a song writing frenzy at the moment . I have written the Great Australian Love song , and I think most of you will be reduced to tears ..... of one type or another , a catchy little song called Cop It on the chin , and new song about a man and his dog ( that would be a little bit about me and my dog , Tassie!!) and I am about halfway through a song for our legend Volunteers workers in Australia like the SES and the RFS and even our fireys , cops and Ambos all who really come together when Aussies are in trouble . The song is called Angels in Overalls and I am writing it with my wife Lliss , who has never written a song before .
So there you have it in a nutshell . we have been having a go .
We look forward to seeing you all up at the Muster
G’day Helen !!
Another Festival over !!
It was great to run into you at the services club during the festival and to meet Nikki Gillis all at the same time . I am just sending you this little update to put on your site so that we can thank everyone that come to see us once or many times over the festival this year . It would be a heap less fun without all of you party animals .

So T H A N K S ! ! !
We had our best year yet with many people responding well to our new original songs by taking home a copy of the new CD Beat’n Round the Bush .

We had a great year in 2006 with top ten positions in The National Country Music Awards , Peoples Choice awards and Musicoz . Everyone of our gigs was chocka’s full of bushies ready to go off , and with our new fellow Chris Rieger well and truely on fire we are looking forward to a big 2007 . Our goals for this year include planning to release another three singles off of the CD and will be recording our first film clip for at least one of them .

We are also writing songs for our new CD already which we will record in 2008 back in Tamworth as a follow up to Beat’n. We have a bit of momentum rolling and look forward to a big bright bushy future !!!

We would also like to Congratulate some mates of the band !! we were knocked off in the national battle of the bands by Ruckus and they are brilliant , we would also like to congratulate Matt Scullion for his finalist nomination and Drew McAlister for his first ( I am sure of many …. ) Golden Guitar win !!! these folks are all mates of Simply Bushed and we are stoked for them all !!
I hope you enjoyed the festival and that you recover quickly .
I will See you when I am looking at ya !!!
Paully Grierson
G'day Folks,
We have some exciting news.  SIMPLYBUSHED has been voted into the top ten
in three(3) categories in the PEOPLES CHOICE AWARDS, for our newly release

Check it out for yourself at

Thank you to all our supporters and to the community radio legends, who have
supported us by playing our song "CANGAI BRIDGE" (NFS 109 track 19) .

All the boys in
Simply Bushed
See You In Tamworth !!!
G’day Folks
Just a couple of weeks after the release of their new CD, Beat’n Round the Bush , the boys from Simply Bushed have received some Great news !!

Australia's premier songwriting competition , MUSICOZ , has just released the list of top ten finalist’s for 2006 and we are on it !! Woo Hoo !

We have achieved a finalist position in the folk category for our song , Find The Southern Land , a rollicking bush tune about Captain James cook with some added social commentary and my (Paul’s) opinion placed firmly out there .

Simply bushed are only fairly new to the whole song writing paddock , so this acknowledgement is huge .We will be at the awards night with bells on and look forward to seeing where Beat’n Round The Bush takes us !!

For a copy of the CD you can email us on info@simplybushed.com.au 

See Ya when were looking at Ya !!
Paul Grierson
Simply Bushed
0416 08 77 05
e: info@simplybushed.com.au
New CD, "Beat’n Round The Bush"
New CD “Beat’n Round The Bush” Website www.simplybushed.com.au 
Email wfi@ispdr.net.au  Phone : 02 4621 3744 Paul Grierson Ph : 02 4621 3744
19 Fullerton Cct Fax : 02 46214633 St Helens Park NSW 2560 Mob : 0416087705
The Aussie Music Show
Our single “Cangai Bridge” will be released on the 27th October through the NFS network ( No 109 ) and we will be recording our first film clip following Tamworth next year !
( details are on our website www.simplybushed.com.au  )
All of our Tamworth friends need not worry as we will be holding another Launch in Tamworth during the Festival and all of our festival mates will be welcome there .
E: wfi@ispdr.net.au  Artist Report Page
Spinifex (2002)
G’day Helen ,
On the Long weekend at the local RSL we had about 300 of our closest friends turn up to help us celebrate the release of our brand new CD, "Beat’n Round The Bush" .

After a small technical hitch , THE SOUND MAN NOT TURNING UP !!!! we overcame that , got another bloke in and had a bloody ball . A young local bloke called Peter McGuirter played a great little song that he wrote called the Christmas Beetle and then Country Music Legend Tony Martin did a couple of tunes for us !

Simply Bushed played all of the new songs from the CD and a heap of Bushy favourites , all up played two big sets .

We also said farewell to Dan Miranda after three big years of fancy Randoes Chords and turning My amp down we gave him the Golden Boot !!

A Great bloke called Chris Rieger is taking over where Dan left off . Chris is a a great muso and also spent a couple of years playing in Ireland and Europe , so he knows a heap of great Irish stuff !!

The CD is available now through the net and should be available through the shops by the end of the month . Our single “Cangai Bridge” is being released Australia wide at the end of October through the NFS network ( No 109 ) and we will be recording our first film clip following Tamworth next year !
Anyway thanks again and we will see ya when we are looking at ya !!
Paully G  Simply Bushed .
E: wfi@ispdr.net.au
Our single “Cangai Bridge” will be released on the 27th October through the NFS network ( No 109 ) and we will be recording our first film clip following Tamworth next year !
( details are on our website www.simplybushed.com.au  )
All of our Tamworth friends need not worry as we will be holding another Launch in Tamworth during the Festival and all of our festival mates will be welcome there .
Paully G
Simply Bushed .
G’day Helen , Its been a long time between drinks and I am sorry it has ben such a long time .
We have done a fair bit since we spoke last , I went to Ireland and Nashville and New Orleans ( before the big wet !!)

The most significant things that we have done recently are playing at the Gympie Muster and recording a whole new CD in Tamworth at the new Fattracks Studio !!The new CD is called Beaten round the Bush and features 8 new original songs , four rocked up old Bushies and a lovely instrumental called Ashokan Farewell .
As well as recording we also appeared at the The 25th Anniversary Gympie Toyota Muster and it was without a doubt , BEST GIG EVER!! Them northerners sure know how do put on a decent party . !!

Simply Bushed rocked on four occasions but none more that the closing gig of the Muster . After the main stage finished we pumped out a heap of rocking bush tunes in the Muster Club and finished with a thousand or so of our closest mates singing the hell out of First Australian !

We ran most of the originals off the new CD and people seemed to be foot tapping and beer swilling along with them , not a bad result .
Besides our gigs at the muster we saw lots of great acts and met heaps of nice folks . We were camped next to a champion bloke called Peter Denahy and laughed our arses off at his gigs . we also saw the Pigs , Sensitive New Aged Cow Persons !!, Graeme Connors , The Flood and rocked our sox off to Barnesy !!! We met Juzzie Smith and his mate the Great Scott (Juggler Extraordinaire) , and had a great time with them .Every Act was Brilliant and the list goes on …….!!

Any way I hope that gives the folks a brief overview of the Simply Bushed picture over the past year or two . Thanks for your continued support of Country Music In Australia !!!
Paully G
Simply Bushed .
National Country Music Muster
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Gary Baldry
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Jimbo and Paul
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