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Kristy Schneider

Kerry Kennedy                    Kerry Kennedy "The Mood is about to Change"

Travis List "What else would I do"          Clelia Adams - from "Wildflowers"

Amber Lawrence "The Mile"    Amber Lawrence "The Mile"      Amber Lawrence "The Mile"

Graeme Connors meets Fiddlers Feast    Dave Prior - Big Fat Bastards 'Like Me!'

John Williamson - Hillcrest 37        Steven Anthony - Hillcrest 37

Markus Meier - Hillcrest 37                 Beggars  -   Hillcrest   37

Kaylah Anne      Errol Gray     Nick Cesta     Shaz Lane

Rob Wilson "The Real Deal"       Connie Kis Andersen

Rob Wilson  1     Rob Wilson  2      Rob Wilson 3 "Rough Around the Edges"

The Greencards Viridian CD "Lonesome Side of Town"

The Greencards Viridian CD "When I was in love with You"

Trev Warner "Old Country Home "      The Greencards Viridian CD "River of Sand"

Trev Warner 1 ("Walkin' a fine line")   Trev Warner 2  ("Walkin' a fine line") 

 Patti McKinnon  (from Good Hearted Women)   

Rod Dowsett Hillcrest 36

Cowpoke Hillcrest 35     Kate Russell Hillcrest 36    Casey Watt Hillcrest 36

Markus Meier Hillcrest 35   Nellie Donovan Hillcrest  35    Clelia Adams Hillcrest 35

 Nicki Gillis Hillcrest 35     Jean Stafford Hillcrest 35   Michael Fix  Hillcrest 35

Nick Cesta Hillcrest  31    Michael O'Rourke Hillcrest 33   Steven Anthony Hillcrest 33 

Jean Stafford Hillcrest  31      Clelia Adams Hillcrest 31   Michael Fix Hillcrest 31

Rod Dowsett  (DODGING BULLETS CD - I got me a boat)    Rod Dowsett - "Rhyme or Reason CD"

Rod Dowsett 2004 (SIX TRACKS DOWN CD)  Rod Dowsett  2005  (DODGING BULLETS CD)

Danny Mack A bushman can't survive"Ride Me Down Easy CD"   

Danny Mack "I feel so Good" "Ride Me Down Easy" CD

Danny Mack "We all Fall Down"     Danny Mack "Galaxy Cabaret"

Dwayne Elix BLue Grass )   Dwayne Elix   (Mr Strings CD)    Dwayne Elix "Cowboys Rock n Roll"

Nicki Gillis 2004        Nicki Gillis  2004 (Bluegrass)     Nicki Gillis Lucy's Daughter 2006

Simply Bushed from Spinifex      Simply Bushed from “Beat’n Round The Bush”

Audrey Auld Mezera from Texas   Audrey Auld Mezera from "Lost Men and Angry Girls"

Lorin Nicholson (Shorty Ranger's signature tune "Winter Winds)

Huckleberry Swedes              The Fry Brothers     Bill Goodall Plays "The Shadows"

Bobby Cash "From State of my Heart"     Bobby Cash "From State of my Heart"

Bobby Cash CD 1  "Cowboy at Heart"      Van Preston      Desert Heat  (Canadian)

Bill Chambers - Frozen Ground     Bill Chamber - Sleeping with the Blues

The Greencards   (weather and water)         Wildseed

samples from "Movin’ On"       The Greencards 1       The Greencards 2

samples from "Movin’ On"        The Greencards 3       The Greencards 4

Flash Sheedy (Blues Cowboys)  

Joe McManamon     John Brand      Trevor Coombes

Katie Brianna        Rob Luckey & the Lucky Bastards

Karl Broadie         Alex Watt            J.J. Justin

The Flood  from "Hello Blue Sky"      The Flood from "Hello Blue Sky"

Lonnie Lee"Can't you see it in my  eyes "    Lonnie Lee"Best Friends"

Connie Kis Andersen "Keeping it Simple" CD        Connie Kis Andersen 'Gone Wishin' CD

Troy Cassar-Daley-Paul Kelly (Borrowed & Blue CD)  Troy Cassar-Daley (Brighter Day CD)
Troy Cassar-Daley (from Rambling Man CD featuring Tommy Emmanuel)
Lee Forster                                           Lee Forster 
      (Kimberley Gold single)                    (The way he rolls his Swag) 7 track mini album

Patti McKinnon (with BillGoodall) 

Jamie Kindleyside (USA)         Errol Gray

Camille Te Nahu (previous CD)     Camille Te Nahu and Stuart French

Dale Hooper      John Wilson  

Paul Wookey     Clelia Adams      Jessica Belle      Red Hot Poker Dots

Alby Pool "Back in the Swing"  1   Alby Pool "Back in the Swing"  2

Chris Cook (from North Carolina)  1     Chris Cook (from Nth Carolina)  2

Kasey Chambers Song Samples

Jedd Hughes new Single  (from All about Country .com) 

Travis Collins (Starmaker)   The Baylor Brothers   Gone Fish'n'   

The Lees         Joe Galea (Blues)       Wendy Coppo

Michael Martin(from Keltic Country)   Mick Feeney (from Keltic Country)  Gerry

Garden Party       Twang Dynasty     Glennon (from Keltic Country)

Southbound          Darren Colston            Broken Spokes

Blues Cowboys        Josh Canning            Karen O'shea

Rob Cass & The Cosmic Cowboys       Dogwater

Larry Jackson (USA)            Corb Lund Band          Sandra

Chris (Truckin) Stevens

Fiddlers Festival    Hunter & Suzy Owens    Treacle Line    Trevor Knight

Alby Pool       Lesley Avril          Finn MacCool

Totally Gourdgeous      Felicity      Rod Esam

Trev Warner 1  (Instrumental Bluegrass)  Trev Warner (Instrumental Bluegrass)   

Pat McKiniey         Tarsha          Monaro   

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