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Steve Graham
Steve Graham's 'Weather' Update!
With a pending distribution deal and a new single and video clip out across the airwaves, the usually jovial Steve Graham has even more reason to smile.
'Talking About the Weather' from the album The River, isn't actually about nature's elements at all - rather a song about all those ups and downs encountered in a relationship.
Explains Steve, "There's sunny times when everything is new and exciting, then things become a bit dark and stormy when that first argument happens. Later as you kiss and make up, it's looking rosy again with a rainbow around the bend and the temperature really heats up as the relationship gets back on track again."
Steve describes his latest single (co-written by Aleta Tulk) as easy-listening country pop with an infectious acoustic guitar hook guaranteed to stick in your head
"My friend Aleta had been sitting around the lagoon on Cairns Esplanade contemplating the status of her relationship at the time and wrote the lyrics while watching a storm brewing on the horizon. She emailed the lyrics to me and WHAM - I had the tune in literally 30 seconds. When I emailed the rough version back to her, Aleta said she nearly fell off the chair as the song was exactly how she had heard it in her head! The whole thing happened like magic and we've written a number of songs together since then."
The video clip for the single was directed and produced by Director of Photography for McLeod's Daughters - Darell Martin.
"Darell was amazing to work with. He knew exactly what time of the day to shoot to capture the perfect light to create the mood and all the best angles to make even the likes of me look good!"
Talking About the Weather by Steve Graham is currently airing on CMC and can be requested at www.countrymusicchannel.com.au . The single is also available as a free download to all radio stations at www.ozcountry.com.au 

Interviews: scratch777@optusnet.com.au
Website: www.stevegraham.com.au
Sydney artist Steve Graham was over the moon at being able to secure the talents of Daryl Martin to direct and produce his first video clip. Daryl is well known for his work on Australian televisions shows including Stingers and is currently Director of Photography for McLeod’s Daughters.

During a break in filming the iconic TV show, Daryl flew to Sydney where he spent 3 days with Steve, shooting and editing the clip for the forthcoming single Talking About the Weather. The clip was filmed during the late afternoon on location at historic Gledeswood Winery NSW, offering the perfect backdrop. Daryl Martin’s experienced eye has captured the mood of the song by subtly utilizing the changes in the light and various locations around the property to create a real performance piece that Steve is very proud of.

Talking About the Weather will be the third single from Steve’s current album The River and he describes it as ‘basically a metaphor for all the ups and downs in a relationship.’ The single will be released on 27th July through Oz Country Downloads. Meanwhile Steve Graham’s current single Wake Up Australia has received widespread radio airplay around the country and is available for free download at www.ozcountrydownloads.com.au 

For interviews email Steve at scratch777@optusnet.com.au  or Aleta at blueskypublicity@iprimus.com.au


Remember those days, not so long ago, growing up in suburban Australia, playing cricket in the street with the neighbourhood kids, when manners mattered, mates helped each other and everyone just got the job done without complaining...

‘Wake Up Australia’ - the new single from Steve Graham’s second
album The River, is a rousing anthem and a statement about our age of technology. We may now have it all, but did we lose our heart and soul along the way?

DJ’s can download it now for airplay at
www.ozcountry.com.au  .

Steve Graham is a real character who loves a chat. To arrange an interview email him at
scratch777@optusnet.com.au  or contact
Aleta at BlueSky Publicity 0402 534 731
Print out and have the memories