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Tahlia & Ingrid
“Fellowship of the Strings” now “The Fourth Realm”
Gosford Folk group to Rock Europe!
1. Award winning Songstresses Tahlia & Ingrid Racz ( with musicians Greg Wilson & Jackie Luke) who
perform as “Fellowship of the Strings” have been invited by the famous Italian “Ferrara Buskers
Festival” to perform from August 17th-28th in 2007! THEY are the ONLY Australians to
receive this special invitation in 2007. The Ferrara Buskers Festival is a non-competetive parade
of the world’s best musicians, and the most important festival of its kind in Europe. This is the
Festival’s 20th anniversary.
2. The group is required to give at least 20-25 performances over the 10 days.
3. The event promises to be fantastic: during the week of the festival Ferrara is
transformed into a music town, a mesmerising city of sound, which at every street
corner unravels new mixtures between old and new tunes, to awaken dreams of times
gone by or of future imagination.
4. Approximately 750 entertainers will perform at Ferrara during the Festival.
5. Over 800,000 people attended to watch the performers in 2006, crowding the mediaeval &
Renaissance stage in the Ferrara town centre. Ferrara is 117km south-west of Venice, 109km southeast
of Verona (Romeo & Juliet fame), 431km east North-east of Rome, and 260km East of Milan.
6. In 2006 over 26 countries were represented, and in the last 8 years only two other Australian
groups had received a special invitation to the festival.
This is your chance to see this fabulous Australian group (with one Kiwi musician!) so get your tickets to Italy
at the best time of the year! This band has astounded crowds at festivals and venues across three Australian
states since its formation in 2005. They have surprises in store, and are available for bookings.
See http://www.ferrarabuskers.com  ( 2007 entries may not be updated as yet)
See also www.easy.com/dulce  and www.fellowshipofthestrings.com.au  for band information.
Information from Bernhard Racz
Stagecraft Magazine phone 1800 300 723 or mob. 041422704560
 The group have just received the only invite to Australians for Europe’s largest Folk Fest (August!).
The crowds are 800,000 total approx. The girls will do at least 25 performances over 10 days, with huge opportunity for more. European media will be in attendance, and I’m sure may keep a closer eye on this group ( only Aussies – and stunning female singers).

The media at Italy are going to take the girls out to lunch a few days in advance of the event. Girls arrive in Italy 11th August. Event starts 17th August.

Crowds at venues will only be 250 – 500 at a time approx ( could be more) but it’s the European media support at this event that is important
Tahlia takes her new Maton guitar, but will take her trademark (11 years now!) purple Ibanez along as backup.

And….….. though they’ve performed as “Fellowship of the Strings” ( name from the days 3years ago when they joined a ‘jamming’ muso group) they have a new name, though will use both names for a while till everyone gets used to the change. New band name is “The Fourth Realm” so keep this in mind for future news…
Fellowship of the Strings
Prepare your senses for a unique interpretation of contemporary songs , as well as traditional folk songs recreated in a riveting blend…..
One hundred & Fifty Strings join forces with the mesmerising “goddesses of harmony”,
- Ingrid & Tahlia Racz
Band established 2004
Unique group from NSW Central Coast

Rare amalgamation of classical folk harps, hammered dulcimer with percussion
Hear 70’s & 80’s legends & ghosts resurrected & interwoven with classical folk

Tahlia Racz - Lead Vocals & purple guitar. Tahlia’s stunning vocals are the trademark of the band. Leaving no vocal stone unturned she has sung nearly every style of music from folk to classic, country pop and rock; worked with orchestras, and soul bands alike. Her outstanding achievements in stage and theatre have included a lead role in a Jon English rock opera, plus overseas contracts in Taiwan, all before age 18. Equally at home with a pop song or traditional ballad, Tahlia is exploring the use of traditional instruments in contemporary settings as accompaniment for her vocal expertise. Possibly one of the world’s best dormant coloratura sopranos.

Ingrid Racz - Lead Vocals & percussion. A performance history of 18 years, it is Ingrid’s natural sense of rhythm, her background in dance, as well as her own vocal excellence and harmony skills that always enhanced the connection with Tahlia, and now the Fellowship. Has won hundreds of vocal awards with Tahlia. Ingrid creates the look through visual and aural abilities. Winner of countless awards in singing events, she has performed across numerous states and overseas. Currently studying enhanced vocals technique and writes her own songs.

Jackie Luke - Hammered Dulcimer, Irish Bouzouki and vocals - Australia’s foremost exponent of the Hammered Dulcimer, Jackie has performed widely in Australia and abroad. She has played in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, The Millenium Ensemble Olympic Torch Ceremony, International festivals in Munich, Slovakia and China. Has toured NZ and the USA. Maintained a keen interest in expanding the repertoire of the dulcimer she finds the Fellowship of the Strings the perfect medium to explore these possibilities.

Greg Wilson - Para-Celtic harp, Penny whistle, concertina, vocals - an extensive background in Australian traditional music and many other genres, Greg is the multi-instrumentalist in the group. His rhythmic harp accompaniments give a contemporary edge to the sound whilst the haunting penny-whistle embellishes the vocal lines. Greg is a member of the Inland Navigators and has toured the USA and Sicily with the Sydney Heritage Ensemble. He performs regularly with a variety of ensembles.
“Not only do they sound exquisite, but their glam presentation is like the icing on a wedding cake. Hours of preparation in every performance. A visual and listening treat.”
– Lisa Gairdner Manager of Kantara House, Central Coast 2007.

A festive five days as Deputy Mayor Abb McAlister enjoyed listening to sisters Tahlia and Ingrid Racz, members of the highly popular “Fellowship of the Strings” group who combined celtic harps, dulcimer, percussion and modern instruments to give new feel to contemporary and folk songs.”      -The Gundagai Independent 2006                                                  
“….there is a genuine appeal in the unusual and rather celestial combinations derived from…Celtic harps, hammered dulcimer, tin whistle, guitar, and percussion” - John Shand Sydney Morning Herald 2006.

“Feathers, Finery and Fabulous music, four talented musicians who make up the most innovative acoustic band to be seen in recent times.”
- St Albans Folk Festival 2006.
“The captivating voices of Ingrid and Tahlia Racz, combine with Greg Wilson and Jackie Luke on harp and hammered dulcimer join forces to weave enchanting accompaniments with rhythmic backing. Expect to hear strangely familiar, yet new sounding songs and tunes – Uriah Heep, Kiss, Abba and new interpretations of traditional favourites.”
- Port Fairy Folk Festival. VIC 2006.

“an exciting new collaboration of four musicians on the Central Coast of NSW create a many layered sound, with enchanting melodies and embellishments” – The Cornstalk Gazette 2004.

This is an update on this emerging group that combines rock and classics with folk. You’ll never hear better vocals, and the musical blend of the vocals with two full-sized harps & hammered dulcimer will mesmerize you.
If you are free this day, itll be a day worth the visit to Paddington.
Here is an update, of Tahlia & Ingrid (and their ban “Fellowship of the Strings”) Their first CD is selling well (face-to-face , as not sent to distributors as yet).  They are very busy at the moment with guest appearances at many folk festivals here and interstate.

Tahlia & Ingrid Racz
Surrender your Souls and Senses to the Sounds of “SIRENZ”, the award winning vocal duo of Tahlia and Ingrid Racz (of Kincumber).
Vocalists of the magnetic Folk/Pop/Rock group
Original songs, as well as covers of folk, pop, rock and classics.
Starred in the October 2003 Jon English rock opera “PARIS” world premiere, these ladies have featured in 3 Australian states, and performed overseas. They were support act to the Ted Mulry Gang, and have been featured artists alongside David Gilchrist, Danny McMaster and major US acts. They have been featured singers in major events including Olympic Torch ceremonies, World Championship Cricket, Boxing (live telecast by FOXTEL) and invited to sing at international functions for visiting diplomats.
From 2003 till May 2005 they were seen and heard at regular gigs each week on the coast and in Sydney as “Soulstation”(with guitarist Glen Tucker), and as “SIRENZ” as a vocal duo, as well as part of the folk/rock group “Fellowship of the Strings”.
Hear them and feel them enter your soul
The Laycock Theatre, Gosford, production of Jon English & David Mackay’s rock-opera “PARIS” (world premiere held 9 October 2003) saw the return to Central Coast and Sydney audiences of Kincumber’s Tahlia and Ingrid Racz.
In “PARIS” Tahlia played the part of CASSANDRA ( the red-headed priestess, for those who saw the show) and Ingrid was in the Chorus plus in charge of make-up for the entire cast. Youngest sister Lieselle designed and created the entire wardrobe for the show.

Originally from Campbelltown where they attended Kentlyn Primary and then Campbelltown Performing Arts High Schools, they moved to Kincumber in December 1995 and started at Kincumber High School in 1996. Tahlia and Ingrid both left Kincumber High School having respectively won the Principal’s Award (among many others) for Performer of the Year, and both are in the school’s Hall of Fame for their performances and contributions to the school and the community..

These ladies have an outstanding performance history in all music genres, having amassed boxes of trophies and a large fan base while in their early teens with wins in talent quests, eisteddfods and festivals across NSW.
They were featured performers in three Australian states and were support act to David Gilchrist, Danny McMaster, the Ted Mulry Gang, Doug Parkinson, The Sydney Welsh Choir as well as others plus overseas artists.

They were on the Sydney Cultural Council’s list of selected performers for official functions, with one or both regularly singing at major events. Tahlia has also entertained official and ambassadorial events and audiences and events via CORPOL.

Individually successful as soloists, it is their vocal blend that creates a unique harmony that mesmerizes audiences, a factor that attracted numerous booking and management agents in NSW.

From Campbelltown’s Festival of Fisher’s Ghost to the Domain’s Pacific Carols and Gosford’s 2GO Carols, Tahlia and Ingrid continued to be invited to entertain via a multitude of organizations across three states.

The Department of Education’s Performing Arts Unit utilized their talents for major shows over 8 years, including the 1994 Australia Day visit by Prince Charles; Commonwealth Day ceremonies; The Sydney Olympics lead-up events; international wheelchair basketball; International Cricket; corporate functions. Foxtel have utilized their abilities through live world-telecast sporting events at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

Both Campbelltown and Gosford City Councils regularly invited Tahlia and Ingrid as ambassadors to entertain at functions for Sister City visits from Japan.

They are 1999 graduates of the NSW Talent Development Project.
Tahlia was guest classical soprano at age 16 with the Central Coast Conservatorium Orchestra with performances including a live radio broadcast.
Tahlia studied Music Business management, whereas Ingrid filled in with various rock and blues bands as vocalist before completing a full-time 2-year Diploma in Make-Up( for Film and Television). To date she has her name on the credits of 7 short films.

2001 saw Tahlia singing 6 days a week for four months in Taiwan, with a rockabilly band at a theme park during the day, and with cover bands at night ( Ingrid was blocked from the tour due to her age).

From 2003 to 2005 they performed across pubs &clubs in Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle as the vocalists of “SOULSTATION” (pop/country/rock ) with guitarist Glen Tucker(3-4 shows of 4hrs duration each every week), and recently have teamed up with outstanding musicians as “Fellowship of the Strings” to enchant audiences.
They also perform as the duo “Tahlia & Ingrid” and as a trio “SIRENZ” with Jan Couchman.

They cancelled a recent tour of Ireland to complete & produce their first CD as a group and are an experience not to be missed!

Check them out at www.jam.org.au  (click on ‘events’ or on ‘Fellowship etc’)
  (click ‘artists’ and the above names)

www.easy.com.au/dulce  (“Fellowship’s” own site)
They have dedicated the last few years to songwriting and developing their craft; have produced a few demo CDs and aim for a CD launch

A CD Launch at Kincumber Resort Hotel, corner Willesee Cr & Carrack Rd, Kincumber (behind MacDonalds) on October 6th at 7.30pm. Finger food is served, and the bar is open. Certain alcohol provided.
RSVP by end of September

The new musical sensation the “FELLOWSHIP of the STRINGS” is about to release their first (due to audience demand) CD.

Tahlia and Ingrid Racz are the award-winning vocal duo in the Folk/Rock group “Fellowship of the Strings” . They have been featured in numerous editions of Central Coast, Campbelltown, Sydney as well as Country (Music) newspapers over the years.

Prepare your senses for a totally new interpretation of KISS, Uriah Heap, ABBA and other artists, as well as traditional folk songs

The group formed in 2004 for the St Albans Folk Festival and is made up of Central Coast performers.
The group has been selected from performers across Australia to be part of the 6th Folk Alliance Convention SHOWCASE (at the National Library of Australia) from the September 2 to September 4th , 2005. Their song has been chosen for track 1 of the compilation CD that will represent Australian talent.
From 28th to 31st October they are featured performers at the renowned MALDON FOLK FESTIVAL in Victoria ( and their photo is included on the promotional brochures).
They have performed at the Umina Beach Folk Festival; St Albans Folk Festival and numerous Central Coast & Sydney venues but have a long performance history in their own right as individual performers.

Jackie Luke on hammered dulcimer & bouzouki, vocals
Part of the “Millenium Ensemble” for Olympic Torch Ceremony; Sydney Orchestra “Lord of the Rings” Symphony performances; member of “Springtide” duo 10 years. Performed locally and overseas.

Greg Wilson on Paraguayan harp, penny-whistle, concertina
”Inland Navigators” bush band 25 years; “Springtide” duo 10 years performing locally and internationally. The only (lucky!) male in this group.

Jan Couchman on the magical Celtic harp
ex-Creative Arts lecturer; harp soloist, also accompanies numerous bands a true personality! Our very own harpie!

Tahlia & Ingrid award-winning lead vocalists on guitar and percussion. Harmonies to die for…
Graduates of the prestigious NSW Talent Development Project. Featured in hundreds of performances across three states and abroad including CORPOL, Sydney Cultural Council, Olympic lead-up events. Supporting act to several local and overseas artists. Over 150 public performances in last eighteen months as vocalists in various bands.

The music will mesmerise everyone. There will be few dry eyes when possibly the best vocal duo in Australia unleashes their harmonies, combined with the musical talent of exceptional musicians whose performance will reach into your soul……

Print out and have the memories