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John Wilson

Print out and have the memories

Click here for Port Stephen's Pre Festival Concert on MV Seascape
Excellent web quality video and recordings of  John Wilson
Song Sample from the John Wilson CD
John will be performing at The Bluewater Country Festival at Port Stephens on the2007  Long Weekend in June   Click here for more info
13th June 2005 John Wilson  - stage outside Henny Penny Nelson Bay 10am.
John Wilson from country duo Wilson & Lightfoot has recorded his first CD.
John has been singing country music since the age of ten and now after nearly
thirty years of performing, has recorded his originals and country favourites.
Also working as a brickie in Newcastle, hes certainly earned his solo description
as the singing bricklayer.   He thanks his faithful following, some of them turning
up two and three times at venues on the same weekend to hear him sing.
Telstra Country Wide 
Central Coast Country Music Festival
The Entrance 
Wilson & Lightfoot
Bateau Bay Bowling Club
Friday 12th 2004

John Lightfoot and John Wilson
Print out and have the memories

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