Tamworth Rage Page
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Telstra Country Wide 
Central Coast Country Music Festival
The Entrance 
Youth Showcase
Saturday 13th
Memorial Park Stage
Hosted by Bruce McCumstie
@ Memorial Park Stage
Photos courtesy of Kate Brianna
Katie Brianna  with Chad Plane (keyboard) and Bruce McCumstie (Bass)
Sharnee Fenwick with David (Harmonica)and Chad (keyboards)
Steve  Passfield Guitar David Wright on Harmonica
Kirsty Akers and Steve Passfield on guitar
Katie Brianna after the show
Rhonda, Sharnee, Bev, Bruce and Chad
Brayden and Mum Keri watching the Showcase
 (Singer Rob Wilson's Baby and Partner)
Rob Wilsons Baby (Brayden
Print out and have the memories

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